QuintessenceD Develops Adaptable QD Bra that Adjusts to Fit Bodies of all Shapes and Sizes

QuintessenceD Develops Adaptable QD Bra that Adjusts to Fit Bodies of all Shapes and Sizes
The bra can fit almost any rib cage and supports cup sizes A through D.

New York, NY – QuintessenceD is pleased to announce the launch of its adaptable QD Bra, which adjusts to fit women of all shapes and sizes.

The QD Bra is a fully adaptable bra which is able to fit 28 different breast sizes.  The bra is able to fit almost any rib cage, and supports cup sizes A through D, without any wires or padding, for a totally braless feel.

“From my perspective, bras are too complicated and not for the benefit of women,” says Daphna Mergi, founder of QuintessenceD.  “If I could sell being braless, I totally would, but I understand most women don’t feel comfortable doing so, and that there are situations where women will need to have support, such as at work or other events.  With this in mind, I wanted to create a totally adaptable bra that feels like you’re going braless, but still provides that bit of support women sometimes require.”

The QD Bra works by adapting to the body to give women the freedom to decide the fit they need.  The bra fits multiple sizes (30”-38” and A-D cup size) and remains comfortable even when a woman’s body changes with pregnancy, weight gain, or from taking the pill.

“My goal in creating QD was to ensure women have a good quality bra that will adjust to your frame and be perfect for your body, even if you’re bloated due to your period, or lost weight,” states Mergi.  “Since it fits almost everyone, the QD Bra simplifies the process of purchasing bras online, making it the ultimate everyday solution for women across the globe.  I see the QD Bra like an amazing T-shirt that I am always happy to wear because it was easy to shop, easy to wear and, even if my body changed a bit, I can adjust it and it will still look great.”

For more information about the QD Bra, or to order, please visit https://www.quintessenced.com/.

About the Company

The QD Bra is a quality sustainable bra crafted for women, by women.  Founder of the QD Bra, Daphna Mergi, was determined to make her vision a reality – a simple one size bra that doesn’t claim to fit everybody, but will be incredible on most. 

Practical, high quality, easy, and beautifully comfortable, the QD Bra was developed after a long process of refining, correcting the prototype, testing fabrics, and making alterations.

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