Amid Coronavirus anxiety, recently released book Fear is Fuel hits #5 on Wall Street Journal best-seller list

Leaders searching for courage and confidence find help in Patrick Sweeney’s new neuroscience-based platform.

March 24, 2020 – Boston, Massachusetts – Fear is Fuel, the first neuroscience-based playbook for building confidence, courage and happiness (released February 3rd) debuted at #5 on the Wall Street Journal best-seller list. The timing for an accessible and entertaining guide to living a fulfilling life without anxiety could not be better. Millions of people around the world are suffering from stress and fear created by the Coronavirus. The panic goes beyond businesses, many Americans harbor health concerns, financial uncertainty, isolation fears, worry over kids’ education, and more.

“Six years of meticulous research working with the world’s top neuroscientists has led to this breakthrough book that can teach anyone unshakable confidence and courage,” explained author Patrick J. Sweeney II of Boston, Ma. “My mission is to help millions of people break free from the shackles of worry. I’m showing individuals all their dreams are all on the other side of fear.  The platform teaches people to face their fears head on. It sounds scary, but it is absolutely life-changing.”

A breakthrough concept within the book is that your fear center (the amygdala) is running a two million year old “piece of software” as Sweeney calls it, and you can override that with a newer part of your brain responsible for bravery. Reprogramming your mind with Sweeney’s B.A.S.E. framework leads to success, happiness, and much better health.

Evolution created your fear center as a warning system for survival and procreation, but in today’s ultra safe world that fear center does more harm than good. In the text, Sweeney shares research, much never before released, which shows you have a courage center called the sgACC that you can program to better run your life. Sweeney brings the research to life with real world stories of incredible people that makes the science-backed learning fun and inspirational.  Readers soon realize that rather than defaulting to the defense of the amygdala and fear center, you can train your mind to choose courage. Fear is Fuel takes you step by step through the process in a very engaging way.

Three dozen neuroscientists from universities such as Harvard, MIT, Stanford, NYU, University of Bordeaux, University of Geneva, University College London, Trinity College Dublin, and many others contributed their latest research and insight to Sweeney’s book. Breakthrough analyses in the last ten years is possible because of recent technological discoveries to investigate the brain.

Rowman & Littlefield of New York is the publisher who reported the book sold out of the first printing in the opening week and is already on the second printing. Sweeney, who is also world-renowned motivational keynote speaker is already working on a follow-up to Fear is Fuel for teenagers and parents.  The next book will apply neuroscience to coach courage, confidence and happiness in youth across the globe.

Fear is Fuel is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-million, and independent bookstores where ever top titles are sold.

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About Fear is Fuel:

Fear, the most powerful force in our life, is the least understood. Every one of us experiences it. Many arrange their lives to avoid it. Yet nearly every one of us needs to find more fear.

Most of us know fear as the unwanted force that drives phobias, anxieties, unhappiness, and inhibits self-actualization. Ironically, fear is the underlying phenomenon that heightens awareness and optimizes physical performance, and can drive ambition, courage, and success. Harnessing fear can heighten emotional intelligence and bring success to every aspect of your life.

Neuroscience and current research on how the brain processes and uses fear have torn the lid off the possibilities of human performance; yet most people are not reaching their complete potential because of a psychological roadblock Sweeney calls the Fear Frontier. Identifying your Fear Frontier and addressing it, Sweeney illustrates in these pages, is the path to success, happiness and fulfillment in almost all aspects of your life. He also provides the most effective steps toward rewiring your mind for a healthier longer life based on courage.

Fear is Fuel is a practical guide that instructs everyday readers, business & military leaders, activists, humanitarians, and educators on a unique path toward translating fear into optimal living. By facing fears, and challenging new ones, readers can harness the power of unique motivations to achieve more, experience more, and enjoy more. The path to a fulfilling life is not to avoid fear but to recognize it, understand it, harness it, and unleash its power.

About Patrick J. Sweeney II

Inc. Magazine called Patrick one of the most interesting men alive, he’s a millionaire entrepreneur who grew up as a coward, always trying to create a carefully sculpted image to cover his shame and fear. Then disaster hit – a rare form of leukemia threatened to end his life when his daughter was just a year old and his wife was 6 months pregnant. See how this dramatic life challenge proved to him everything he thought about life, love, happiness and success were all wrong. You’ll change how you look at life, death and fear.

You can see how six years of neuroscience research led to a life-changing platform you can adopt to learn courage and unshakable confidence using fear as fuel. Patrick doesn’t just talk about it academically, he lives it! In 2018 he won the world’s toughest bicycle race – the Race Across America almost 20 years after he finished 2nd place in the Olympic rowing trials, he’s founded four tech companies while creating eight patents and raising almost $50 million. Patrick has leveraged fear as fuel for peak performance and to create an inspiring life of passion, happiness and fulfillment, and so can you. He is the son of 1st generation Irish immigrants and the first to go to college in his family. Once he learned the courage to refuse upper limits set by family, friends or society his life skyrocketed.He teaches audiences around the globe how to break through their limits, too using hard neuroscience.

When he realized the power of fear to fuel amazing feats in all aspects of life he began interviewing the world’s top neuroscientists and psychologist for his Wall Street Journal Best Selling book Fear is Fuel. He found out why and how our mind locks us in an anxiety-ridden prison or leads us to the life of our dreams. His mission is to share those secrets with millions of people, so you can live the life of your dreams.

As a winner in sports and a winner in business he is committed to leveraging fear lessons on himself and channel them into setting world records by being the first person to attempt cycling the Seven Summits. Patrick and his wife of 20 years have three incredible teenage children. He splits time between Boston Ma, Chamonix, France and Seat 21D.

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