Quanthub Evaluates The Status of Women In Data Science

Quanthub Evaluates The Status of Women In Data Science

Birmingham, AL – In the age of female empowerment, women are no longer expected to stay at home, do all the house chores, and care for their children. Nowadays, seeing women in data science, medicine, engineering, and finance is nothing but a common occurrence. 

And this is a good thing.

A great thing, even. 

However, despite it being dubbed a “common occurrence” in the present time, Quanthub, a data science organization, chose to recognize just how far the field of data science and tech has come in terms of inclusivity. This recognition comes in the form of a rundown and report of the status of women in data science. It highlights the industry’s successes, achievements, and progress in terms of hiring women, while also pointing out some areas for improvement concerning the subject matter. Do not get me wrong. Women have long been active in the world of data science. Unfortunately, they were not recognized nor acknowledged for their work. This is why in this month of March, which is also International Women’s Month, Quanthub is giving these female data scientists the platform to be acknowledged among their male peers.

The data science industry has definitely made huge strides forward in welcoming women among its ranks. Although still at a minority as compared to the men in the field, the number of women in data science has seen a steady increase in the last few years. “Companies such as Microsoft, Walmart, Facebook, Intuit and Google have gotten behind the women in data science movement.” Jen DuBois, the author of Women In Data Science in 2020, says in her article. “In addition, tech companies like Slack and Amazon that have low female representation have started adopting the “Rooney Rule” which mandates including females minorities in any job interview process. It remains to be seen whether it will be enforced with rigor.”

Such strides toward inclusivity, however, do not make up for the fact that there still are some problems that the data science industry has yet to address. DuBois does not shy away from pointing these issues out, while encouraging both tech and data science companies, as well as female data scientists to take steps in addressing, and possibly resolving them. She was also very vocal about her high hopes for the future of women in data science. “Thankfully, after taking a look at the role of women in data science one thing is clear, it’s moving in the right direction. Who knows, maybe 2021 will bring statistics closer to 50%!” 

To help raise the statistics, Quanthub is offering a Women in Data Science Scholarship, which awards eligible candidates a $1,000 scholarship to help them pursue their education in the field of data science.

Quanthub is a company that provides companies with AI-driven solutions to help them screen candidates and improve their vetting processes for top-notch data scientists and data engineers. Visit their website at https://quanthub.com/.

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