AXLOIE Goin G2 Sports Earphones: The Best Powerbeats Pro Alternative of 2020

How do we maintain a healthy figure when resting at home or working from home for a long time? The most effective self-help way is, of course, exercise. Exercise helps reduce excess fat and boosts our body’s immunity. Especially when there is a global health crisis, exercise is necessity. To enjoy indoor workouts better, you may consider equipping yourself with amusing “companions”, such as wireless sports headphones. After all, sports and music have always been a perfect match! At present, Powerbeats Pro earphones are extremely popular on the market, which are good-looking and useful, but the price is as much as $250, seriously? This is what tortures us most, not to mention that most of us have to pay the house rent every month.

Don’t worry, dear. There are lots of great money-saving alternatives. Today we highly recommend AXLOIE Goin G2 totally wireless earphones. These are upgraded versions of the first generation – Goin series, surprisingly light, flexible and secure-fit, help you do whatever you want without risking them falling to the ground during workouts.

The Reason For Picking Them

For many junkies looking to wireless earphones boost their workouts, the most important reason you should buy them is that AXLOIE Goin G2 wireless sports earphones have most of the features of Powerbeats Pro. Surprisingly, AXLOIE Goin G2 cost only 20% of Powerbeats Pro. Only $49.99! Has it drawn your attention?

In addition to sports enthusiasts, AXLOIE Goin G2 are perfect for beginners who pursue a healthy lifestyle and want to try some affordable sports headphones. For those who require stable comfort and superior sound quality, Goin G2 Bluetooth earphones definitely meet vigorous activities. Believe me, they’re built to revolutionize your workouts, with nothing to hold you back.

Facts speak louder than words. Though Goin G2 only have been released for less than two months, they become hotter and hotter on Amazon. From late February to early March, the world’s average daily order volume exceeded 300. With reliable quality and thousands of 5-star praises, Goin G2 quickly become a huge success and were sold out once in early March. AXLOIE sales staff say that there are still many customers urging them to replenish. The good news is that Goin G2 are available now! On the Amazon and AXLOIE official web.

Why are they so sought-after? We think there are two main reasons: On the one hand, the consumer demand for ear-hook wireless sports headphones are growing rapidly in recent years; on the other hand, AXLOIE has adapted its marketing strategy and reduced promotion costs, such as celebrity endorsement fees, and put more money on improving product quality.

So, what determines the qualities of AXLOIE Goin G2?

Innovative Design For Sports

Their entire R & D and production process is performed in accordance with the standards of high-end sports headphones, and they cooperate with the foundry that has worked for many well-known fitness brands. To find the perfect materials that are truly suitable for sports situations and comfy fit, the AXLOIE team carefully studied 120 pairs of sports headphones on the market by disassembling their ear shells, ear hooks, earplugs, buttons and other parts. Finally, they created AXLOIE Goin G2 Bluetooth headphones for conquering the strenuous moves and profuse sweat.

These pieces are made with skin-friendly and environmentally friendly rubber materials. They have a lightweight feel and excellent flexibility, and do not deform easily even when subjected to a large pulling action. When you put on Goin G2 for the first time, you can feel its comfort and softness, and won’t feel a big load on your ears during exercise. Plus, it’s worth mentioning that the stylish streamlined appearance is specially designed for drag reduction, conveying a strong sense of speed.

In terms of stability, compared to the bean-shaped wireless earbuds, the Goin G2 ear-hooks can dramatically increase the stability of wearing, and will always stay in the right place even suffering violent swings. Let’s take a look at one of the buy’s comments: “They fit perfectly into my ears and are very comfortable and even with crazy fitness moves.”

To keep the product parts safer, Goin G2 have IPX7 waterproof rating which is the highest level among all true wireless products on the market. Goin G2 can cope with almost all the common sports except snorkeling and swimming. The only thing you need to do is – enjoy sports to the fullest.

Unshakable Bluetooth Connection

Of course, the stability of Goin G2 best sports wireless earphones are not only on the materials and secure fit, but also on the Bluetooth connection. AXLOIE Goin G2 Bluetooth headphones are absolutely desirable for those who depend more on mobile devices to enjoy music, answer phone calls or work on the go. Built-in the most advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology, you can enjoy longer wireless connection distance, more stable connection and faster transmission speed.

Such a premium Bluetooth performance can be applied to many wireless situations, not to mention that they also can be freely switched between mono/stereo/share mode thanks to the left/right ear separated design. Let’s say that you are learning a new aerobic exercise with a YouTube fitness influencer, a pair of wireless Bluetooth sports headsets like AXLOIE Goin G2 will cut off ambient noise effectively and help you listen to the influencer’s voice more clearly. Or if you’re talking to someone while listening to music, you can wear a single earbud.

HiFi Stereo Sound

Here comes the sound quality, the most enjoyable part. Based on AXLOIE’s proprietary technology, the low frequency is enhanced to increase the bass by as much as 50%, and the dynamic speaker and A2DP-supported chip deliver superb surround sound. What’s more, the Bluetooth headsets are built-in microphones and CVC noise-canceling technology, isolate noise to a large extent, and ensure you to enjoy effective clear hands-free calls.

These qualities help you make the most of the headphones in different situations. Answer the phone while exercising, enjoy high-definition hands-free calls even if your kid are crying loudly or the neighbor is playing loud music. And when listening to music in a quiet space, you can fully appreciate its sound performance.

Free Shipping + Reliable Service

AXLOIE official website provides a series of attractive services and offers. First, get a 10% discount by signing up the website; second, there is a chance for you to win a giveaway gift on the web every month; third, if you purchase the item on it, you can enjoy the following services: 1. Free Shipping, 2. One Year Warranty, 3. Lifetime Support, 4. 7 Days Unconditional Return. For us who often shop online, the most attractive part is free shipping and 7 days unconditional return, which sounds credible and reassuring. 

More surprisingly, you can enter the order number of AXLOIE Amazon on the official website to get an additional 6 months warranty—longer than most of these kinds of gadgets, which shows that the AXLOIE team is very confident in the quality of the products.

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