Bifarm Joins US Delegation in UAE Food Mission

The AgTech Company Speaks with UAE Officials on Solutions to Food Security

Dubai, UAE – Bifarm Tech, Inc. an AgTech company specializing in precision high-pressure aeroponics, recently joined the US-UAE Business Council for a food security mission in the UAE. Bifarm’s founder and CEO, Wanjun Gao, who was in attendance at the event conversed with key Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi government and private sector entities including UAE Al Dahra Holding Mubadala Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority, Abu Dhabi Investment Office, Minister of State for Advanced Sciences, Minister of Food Security, Ministry of Climate Change and the Environment and others on viable solutions for the regions sustainability and food security efforts.

On his experience, Wanjun values “all the knowledge I gained during this mission. This has certainly fast-tracked our discovery for future collaborations and enlightened me on the business environment and needs of the UAE. Each conversation inspired new ideas to meet local challenges and how to create mutual benefits for the US, UAE, and MENA region farmers.”

Above all, an exciting new idea was brought back by Bifarm’s founder; a new take on the company’s automated indoor farming approach. On top of the aeroponic technologies being built, Bifarm is planning to incorporate key innovations to their projects in order to meet the challenges regions like the UAE face in food security head-on. Limited water supply, extreme heat, and soil salinity make cultivation difficult across the UAE with most agriculture limited to certain areas. Even when water is accessible to cultivation purposes, production costs can be high. Over recent decades the UAE has acknowledged the need to evolve its agricultural practices and has taken the necessary actions to meet their goals for food security. With the continued modernization of the industry in mind, “We plan to really hone in on the sustainability aspect of our project so that it utilizes the abundant natural resources without straining the ones that are already scarce for food production. Combined with our existing automation, like enhanced temperature controls and remote monitoring, we’re confident in enhancing resource efficiency, preventing post-harvest loss, and reducing costs of agriculture in almost any area facing similar agricultural challenges.” – Wanjun.

About Bifarm Tech, Inc.:

Bifarm Tech, Inc. is located in Ft Lauderdale, Florida, with teams in Seattle, Austin, and China. The company develops agricultural technologies and provides soilless solutions that maximize harvest quality and yields. Their focus is precision aeroponics with automated control. Aeroponics has been shown to be an effective and efficient cultivation method as practiced by NASA in water and nutrient delivery experiments in zero gravity.

The company was a recent finalist for the South by Southwest Innovation Awards in the category of Climate, Culture and Social Impact.

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