Sneakers with history, why the world is paying attention to a Korean company

A fashion company that presented sneakers containing Korean history is receiving attention from around the world.

Lakai Korea is a small scale Korean fashion company

This company, which informed customers about the Dokdo territorial dispute with Japan, was boycotted by Japan accordingly.

This year, they translated data containing images and descriptions of Unit 731, a unit of the Imperial Japanese Army, into various national languages to inform people all over the world.

They also demonstrate their boldness by translating it into Japanese and selling it on Japanese sites.

They don’t present their designs like ordinary fashion companies.

‘The March 1st Movement Package Sneaker’ by Lakai Korea was designed with the flag of Korea. In the description of the product, the data on the brutality of Japanese Unit 731 is explained before the design description.

They are not just showing the design and style of sneakers, but are trying to tell the truth about distorted history.

It is attracting attention as a fresh design that reveals the beauty of Korea to the many people who were unfamiliar with the Korean flag. Those who encountered the description of the brutality of Unit 731 expressed surprise and sadness.

It is unusual that a Korean national holiday became the name of a product and is leading to sales.

Lakai Korea said “In Korea, there is saying, ‘there is no future for people who have forgotten history.’ We have a lot of great history, but there is also a heartbreaking history that has been distorted. We think companies that have great influence should inform people of the real history”.

They also said, “We didn’t know that so many people would pay attention to us. We are grateful that people learn facts they didn’t know before. We will continue taking the lead in spreading the history of Korea, just like we have done”.

Lakai Korea plans to focus on telling the history of its own country rather than pursuing profits. We are curious to see what will happen to their future since they chose the truth.

As Korea continues to move forward with new discoveries and surprising results with everything from movies like Parasite to its handling of the coronavirus, people around the world are taking notice.

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