Teelie Turner’s New story “Eliza the Easter Fairy” Is a Delightful Read for the Whole Family

Teelie Turner’s New story “Eliza the Easter Fairy” Is a Delightful Read for the Whole Family
This book is sure to thrill and entice readers with its incredible story and images.

Author Teelie Turner has released her new story “Eliza the Easter Fairy”, the fourth in a series of holiday-themed tales which feature the appropriate holiday fairy on the cover. Each fairy also has its own line of T-shirts and other magical products which can be found on Redbubble, Gearbubble, Amazon, and Zazzle.

Teelie Turner wishes to capture the imaginations of the young and young at heart with the story. “I wanted to let them in on something magical, kind of like a behind-the-curtain experience to Easter which they usually associate with Easter eggs, bunnies and tons of sweets. I thought, ‘Why not create a story filled with magic and fantasy so there’s more to Easter than just the material things?’ And here I am, finally launching the story I want to share to the world,” she explained.

The new fairytale revolves around Eliza, the Easter Fairy who’s struggling to get all the Easter eggs painted and decorated in time for the holidays. She receives help from six special fairies, her bunnies, and a duck. But Elisa is frantic as she’s about to reveal to her new fairy friends a little secret about Easter eggs that only she knows. Eliza describes herself as an ordinary fairy who is blonde, wears green shoes turned up at the toe, pink polka-dot leggings, and a dress in shades of pink and green. She has a permanent paint smear on her cheek and no matter what she does, it refuses to come off. There is so much more that we could tell you about this magnificent book, but we don’t want to take away from your reading experience. View Eliza’s personal book page HERE

Teelie Turner has written many amazing and inspirational books featuring her magical fairy world and has developed a variety of charming products related to the books. The products have proved popular with readers, so it seems natural to offer similar choices for the holiday series. The author brings business experience from publishing, merchandising and electronic commerce to her current devotion to the Magical World of Fairies. She lives in the Pacific Northwest. During her non-fairy time, she enjoys real-world gardening, interior decorating, tennis, boating, playing with her two dogs and working with philanthropic activities benefiting the community where she lives.

You can find this amazing magical Easter book on Here.

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