‘Self-Isolators’ Worldwide Socialize Successfully from Home as the ‘Worldwide Happy Hour’ Phenomenon Takes Off

From Southern California to South-East Asia, people around the world are beating the ‘isolation blues’ by getting together in fast-growing online Meetups.

Meetup groups that normally get together face-to-face are refusing to let ‘stay-at-home’ restrictions cramp their style. Thanks to online conferencing technology such as Zoom, they are able to hold international online ‘meetups’ to chat, socialize and avoid going ‘stir crazy.’

“These are challenging times for all of us – but challenge also brings opportunity,” says Keith Mueller, organizer of SoCalSingles.com, BKKFun.com, BangkokSingles.club and a pioneer of online socializing. “While people may not be able to meet up face to face, the wonders of today’s technical wizardry mean we can ‘zoom’ into a new era of online meetups!”

Following the great success of the inaugural Worldwide Happy Hour on March 27, more Meetup organizers are getting in on the action. The next event on April 03 is already attracting great interest, and promises to attract people from Atlanta to Australia.

“The first event was a great success, and now a real buzz is building,” says Mueller. “So we’re turning this into a global, weekly event. Everyone is invited, no matter where they live. We are turning lemons into lemonade by creating a new, coronavirus-safe way to meet, chat and socialize. Social distancing can be fun!”

The best way to join in is to become a member of one of the three sponsoring groups: (SoCalSingles.com, BKKfun.com or BangkokSingles.club) It doesn’t matter where you live, they are all free to join, and there’s no cost to attend the Worldwide Happy Hour event.

After joining a group, the next step is to RSVP for the Zoom meeting.

Details for the next event can be found here:

Southern California: https://www.socalsingles.com
Bangkok: https://www.bkkfun.com

Meetup organizers can add their group to the community by using the meetup messaging system to contact the organizer Keith at socalsingles.com

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