New Zealand BEGGI antibacterial masks become rare in the region

The 2019 Corona Virus has continued to spread globally, people in many countries have started to purchase and stock up materials of epidemic prevention with large quantities, and masks and other epidemic prevention products have continued to be sold. There has been crazy on buying another round… Recently, the reporter specially visited CW, the largest pharmacy in Sydney, John revealed that since the end of February, the demand for masks in his pharmacy has surged. Among them, a product called New Zealand BEGGI antibacterial mask is particularly popular in the all of mask categories. The miraculous antibacterial and protective effect is known by local native people. It is called the “anti-epidemic artifact” and was frequently sold out by local people.

On Match 19th, The reporter saw that materials such as masks, protective clothing, goggles, cleaning and disinfection products, and thermometers were placed in the most prominent locations in a CW pharmacy located in the heart of Sydney. At the same time, the reporter also found that in front of the checkout counter, there are at least two or three boxes of BEGGI antibacterial masks in almost every shopping basket. Within half an hour of the reporter’s staying in there, people have been coming to “buy” one after another. In the shelf space of about 1.5 cubic meters, whenever a tallyman puts up a BEGGI mask, customers come to “buy the products” immediately. “This day’s quantity of sellings was more than the quantity of selling of a whole week previously” the tallyman lamented.

John, a pharmacist who is working at the pharmacy, told the reporter that this mask which he also uses every day, is one of the best-selling epidemic products in major Australian pharmacies. “KN95 masks that we are familiar with have 95% blocking effect on pathogens, which is much stronger than ordinary masks. However, the antibacterial effect of this antibacterial mask from BEGGI can reach 99.9%! And the workmanship of this mask is more delicate, tailored three-dimensionally, and it makes our face look more modern and cool when we are wearing them, so it’s very popular. “Said pharmacist John. It is reported that not only in Australia, but also in the BEGGI origin producting place in New Zealand, this mask is hard to buy. 

The reporter knows that the reason of that BEGGI antibacterial masks are favored by local residents in Australia is inseparable from the strong R & D strength of giant BEGGI of big health industryits in New Zealand other brands.

First of all, in terms of protection design, BEGGI antibacterial mask uses three layers of structural protection, namely microcapsule filter layer, meltblown cloth filter layer, filament nonwoven filter layer, which can effectively block 99.9% of bacteria and waterproof effect. “The protective effect of this mask can completely block the water. Even if the water is wrapped around, it can not leak a drop of water, let alone dust, droplets and other infections. It has long been blocked by the mask, and it is impossible to pass through the mouth. Nasal invasion of the human body, and inability to penetrate the mask to infect the human body, “said a person in charge of the BEGGI brand.

Second of all, in terms of the antibacterial effect, in order to make the masks achieve a long-lasting antibacterial effect, the BEGGI R & D team innovated to incorporate Australia’s precious Eucalyptus essential oil known as the “purifier of nature” into the membrane cloth. It is reported that this ingredient is widely used internationally to combat pathogenic products. It has extremely strong antibacterial activity, which can completely kill bacterias and prevent bacterial growth.

In addition, the mask’s quality is extremely terrific in its workmanship. It uses 3D three-dimensional cutting and fits the facial lines. It is beautiful and comfortable. “From the root of the nose to the chin, the side of mask is closely contacting with the ears, and all areas are covered, which can better fit the human face and provide a better way to prevent viruses. Due to it can be waterproof on both sides, it can be used for a long time.  

“So that is more cost-effective,” said the person in charge.

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