The digital transformation of NHU is officially implemented

With the rapid development of information industry, the role of data-based information in promoting the development of enterprises is more and more prominent. Process information system has gradually become an important competitiveness of enterprises. On April 29, under the witness of Mao Guanglie, director of Zhejiang intelligent manufacturing expert committee, Lu Yaohui, deputy director and secretary general, and Qiu Wuhong, member of Xinchang County standing committee, NHU signed the “digital comprehensive transformation strategic cooperation agreement” with SUPCON, marking that NHU digital comprehensive transformation has entered a new stage.

The goal of digital transformation is to help enterprises to solve different problems, ensure safe production, green environmental protection, and improve product quality and management level. We hope to speed up the digital transformation through pilot construction, accumulate experience for the comprehensive digital transformation of NHU, build a digital model of domestic fine chemical industry through 3-5 years of construction and continuous optimization, and realize the transformation of increasing production and efficiency, improving quality and efficiency, and saving cost and efficiency.

As a partner of NHU for many years, SUPCON said it would gather all the strength, focus on the strategic goal of NHU, make every effort to achieve the project goal as soon as possible, and lead China’s process industry to move forward towards intelligent manufacturing.

Qiu Wuhong, member of Xinchang County standing committee, expressed the importance of signing a contract to promote the digital transformation of Xinchang County. He hoped that NHU could become a beacon enterprise of the industry and set a benchmark for other enterprises. Xinchang County Government will also make every effort to do a good job in contact and help the project to be completed successfully.

The digital transformation project of NHU is to explore a new model of digital enterprise and achieve high-quality development. We need to corporate to develop a high-quality and operational action plan. In the process, we should also implement a strict, detailed and practical work style.

NHU digital transformation has pressed the implementation start key. In this transformation, NHU will take the creation of a digital transformation benchmark enterprise as its goal, the transformation of products and markets as its pursuit, the optimization of production process, the reshaping of business process, the innovation of business management mode as its focus. We will work together with SUPCON to strengthen effective cooperation and create a brilliant future of high-quality development.

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