Top San Francisco Real Estate Agent Shares Insights On Selling Real Estate In The Time of Coronavirus

Most people are being wise and not spending more time than necessary in public with the Coronavirus so rampant within the country. Proper precautions of hand washing and social distancing are the norm. This has put a small dent in the real estate industry though the forecast for San Francisco remains optimistic.

Real estate listing agent of San Francisco, CA, Danielle Lazier, has years of experience in the industry. She notes the ability to view homes online is keeping the real estate industry going strong.

More and more realtor agents in San Francisco have started using more than just simple pictures for homes. They have video walkthroughs and drone shots of the areas. This way potential buyers get more information about a potential home without having to venture into public.

“My Compass team and I have invested heavily in our social media and website for the potential client. This way we can offer anyone the best possible options for a home. Other realtor agents around San Francisco have started following our lead,” said Lazier.

Helping drive the real estate industry are the mortgage rates. The incredibly low rates make buying a San Francisco home attractive for qualified buyers. As the lockdown lifts, pent-up buyer demand will overlap with hesitation among buyers and sellers as they figure out the new market. Sellers may feel their home is worth as much as it was in February. Buyers may expect a discount for buying during a time of uncertainty. Since real estate is hyper-local, what happens to home values is likely to range from neighborhood to neighborhood and property type to property type.

Realtors are still able to show homes to potential clients. The only changes are the necessities of proper hygiene and good social distancing. The home owners are encouraged to move out of the home for a period of time to proper social distancing rules can be followed.

Lazier has a full website of properties available and is scheduling appointments. Go to for more details.

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