Digital Finance Learning Offers Courses to Businesses

Digital Finance Learning is an E-Learning Platform that offers a variety of courses that focus on automation, visualization, cloud computing, ETL, and machine learning in the finance industry. They offer over 100 courses that target the five pillars of digital finance. Best of all, its all online which means there is no need to have employees attend a traditional class. What makes this course platform unique compared to Udemy and LinkedIn Learning? Well, Digital Finance Learning target audience are business users such as accountants and financial analysts that want to improvide their skillset and increase their career opportunities.

One core feature that was launched was social messaging between course takers that allow them to work together to learn and share ideas. If someone needs help assistance with a RPA or Visualization tool, they can post their question or message specific experts on advice. This is something most other course platforms do not offers. FinTech and Robotics Process Automation are buzzwords currently for the finance, accounting, and banking industries as more teams are being created to touch on improving processes to cut down on non-value add tasks. The one thing that this course platform offers that no others do is the access to all courses for a cost that is less than a cup of coffee.

They also provide consulting for members that need assistance with their individual or company’s project. Many firms, including CPA’s, investing, banking, and business consulting services are looking for cost effective ways to offer a learning platform for their employees that would bring out engagement and increase productivity. Digital Finance Learning targets these industries to train employees to unlock their full potential without the need for to waste company resources.

Looking through their company page, they have saved thousands of hours through numerous projects completed through a Fortune 500 company. It will be interesting to see what comes next for this emerging platform as they dive in to devour market share in this time of evolutionary expanding digital learning.

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