Anthony Denny has employed the powers of music to calm the depressed souls and play his part in spreading positivity

The self-made musician has released his new single titled “Mema”!

San Bruno, California, USA – Anthony Denny is a 17-year old guitarist, bassist, singer, and songwriter. This young musician is using his artistic skills to narrate his story that might serve as inspiration for people suffering from depression. For him, music is not only a profession, but a mode of expression to connect with people from across the globe and share love and warmth. Anthony was diagnosed with Tics Disorder during his childhood and that was not all. He was constantly bullied at school which was the major reason for his depression.

Anthony’s father caused his life to change for good by gifting him a guitar. The renowned musical artist began his career by taking guitar lessons which ultimately helped him feel better about himself. He kicked off his career as a rhythm guitarist in the band ‘Lucky Boys’. Soon due to some complications, he became the bassist in the same band. All this time he was constantly nudged by his conscience to do something, however small, for the people who are suffering from loneliness and depression that he was so well aware of. He took the guitar back in his hand and this time went ahead to design his own music.

Anthony Denny did not know anything about recording, mixing, and mastering songs. Neither could he find any help with finding a producer to work with. Once again, his family came to his rescue. He was gifted with an Audio Interface on Christmas which he learned to use all by himself. After 2 weeks of rigid focus and dedication to learning to produce music, Anthony released his very first single “Mema”. He has dedicated this song to his grandmother. The inspiration behind the song is Joe Satriani and how he lets the guitar speak for his music and narrates the story beautifully. While talking about his love and dedication towards music, Anthony said: “What makes my music unique is I won’t pin myself to one genre and I don’t have a band for the music I’ve released myself it’s all written, played, and mixed by me. I have multiple genre influences that range from Slipknot all the way to Post Malone”

Anthony Denny loves to perform concerts and spread optimism amongst his fans. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he has put a hold on all his future events. He wishes his fans to stay safe amid these trying times. Anthony’s music is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music, YouTube, iTunes, and Deezer. Anthony Denny is available on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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Anthony Denny is a talented musician who is already impressing his fans with his guitar in his teenage. He believes that with the power of music we all can beat depression and induce positivity in our lives.

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