It’s Okay To Be Comfortable At Home All Year Long

It’s Okay To Be Comfortable At Home All Year Long

Richard Dumaresq, President of Elite Comfort Group
Air-quality, power, and clean water essential and affordable to maintain

By Jim Kedge

BOHEMIA, NY – With everyone spending increased amounts of time in their homes right now, many people might find themselves noticing new things. What is that smell emanating from the basement? Or what is that terrible noise coming from my air conditioner? There can be a lot that goes unnoticed in the home when families are busy with work, school, and life.

Richard Dumaresq, President of Elite Comfort Group, a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning company providing service all over Long Island, NY, wants to help people feel comfortable and safe in their homes. “Every day we talk with concerned clients who want to take care of their homes for their families well-being,” explains Richard. “People want to stay comfortable as they spend more time at home. They also don’t want to let the quality of their home depreciate, leaving too much to do at once when life moves back to normal.”

While many people at this time are worried about their finances, Richard wants to help people take care of their homes through informed decisions and quick fixes. “No one likes it when things break down in their house,” states Dumaresq. “Often, these untimely breakdowns come at a high price to the consumer.” For many people, a sudden necessary repair on their home could add undue stress to their lives. “There are ways we can avoid costly repairs by taking care of our homes right now,” Richard explains.

One tip Richard has for homeowners is to change the air filters on their furnace regularly. “As often as once a month, we can replace our filters,” explains Richard. “It’s an easy and cost-efficient way to keep your ventilation systems running smoothly.” Richard points out that there are multiple sizes of furnace filters, and that homeowners will have to check their current filter so they can get the correct size.

“To help keep costs low, people should also consider having their furnaces and air conditioning units checked twice a year by a professional,” explains Richard. “HVAC service experts can find issues before they turn into problems.” Emergency visits by technicians (Service Experts) often happen in the evenings or over weekends and can be very costly. Dumaresq explains that when we take care of our home heating and cooling systems with regular checks, homeowners limit the need for emergency calls.

“Our company is most concerned with the comfort and safety of our clients,” Richard declares. “We think everyone’s homes should be a place they love to be with the people who matter most.” Richard has many tips for those looking to take care of their health and homes, like whole home water filtration systems, which keep our water clean and free of bacteria. Generators can help during a power outage, and we can reduce the use of harsh chemicals at home in cleaning and sanitization efforts.

Wherever you find yourself at this time, there are steps you can take and people you can call to help meet your home care needs.

Special note for our readers:

Elite Comfort Group were proud to be part of the 2019 Housing Innovation Award winning team who installed the HVAC system for a home project for the United Way of Long Island, East Patchogue, NY as seenhere.

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