Scrapetelligence Launched Internet Marketing Tools for Lead Generation

CA, USA – Scrapetelligence, A US based tech development company has announced the launch of all-in-one internet marketing tool which uses advanced Web-scraping technology to search and collect emails to be used as lead generation. It uses major search engines, blog comments and social media to find the most relevant websites related to certain keywords, and then scan and scrape.

At the launch event, the lead developer said “Scrapetelligence is most powerful tool to extract email using different techniques like search engine crawl, blog comments crawl, search in social media etc. It also has ability to scrape encoded email. The user can also opt for a complementary tool “ScrapeVerify”, which can do email validation (more than just syntax check, MX record, and Domain Name Server).

In fact, it checks each email address for its ability to receive messages rather than bouncing back to a sender’s email address; it also filters email list and remove duplicate emails. It is designed carefully so that one can install and use it very easily. ” One can export and save Email ID’s or Contacts details to XLSX/CSV or TXT format for research purpose. Scrapetelligence will scan all pages of a website to extract all emails and remove duplicate Emails. Scrapetelligence is the most flexible and powerful tool of this kind in the market.

The tool is very simple to use and can be used in multiple ways. Let’s say someone need to do product research based on its interest and for research purpose, one need to analyze email address for specific niche. You can imagine, how much time it may consume to gather email from social media or search engine? The tool simplifies the same work and make it a child play. For example, if a user needs to find data on people engaged in dental job. One just need to place this keyword in the field, select the target number of data and you are done! It starts scraping. You don’t need to do anything more. Give the command and see the magic.

“Some call it web scraping. We call it web data extraction. Whatever you want to call it, Scrapetelligence is the easiest and fastest way to get the data you need from the web. Not a developer? No problem. Scrapetelligence is for everyone,” said the developer. He further added “Scrapetelligence is a great tool for gathering emails to help in marketing campaigns. We all know that scraping emails manually from hundreds to thousands of websites is an impossible task! That is why this tool is perfect to help scrape unlimited number of emails from the different URL’s.”

The tool is getting great review from users. One of the user Mr. Steve Thompson said “I had the opportunity to try the Scrapetelligence trial version. I am impressed by the power of this tool. I decided to buy it immediately. I know, this is going to make positive contribution to my research job. I am very grateful!”

If you are looking to make some passive income from your online presence or you have an engaged audience on your blog, website, or social media; the company also offers affiliate program on all its product including Scrapetelligence with flat commission of 30%. The tracking process is fully automated and affiliate partner get personal dashboard to keep a check on visitor analytics which tracks visits, conversions, email sign-ups, downloads and more, one has driven for that campaign or product. If you are an internet marketer, you are encouraged to visit their affiliate page for more details.

About Scrapetelligence

Launched as an innovative development, the brain behind Scrapetelligence serves to help generate leads and target prospects that matter without wasting time on random strategies.

The company aim at delivering the best automation. Is your website not generating as much income for your business as you expected due to lack of potential customers. Every single day, their goal is to do things better than the previous day. They aim to make a real difference by consistently helping your business grow with smart lead generation techniques.

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