The documentary “Days in Exile” is officially released

The large-scale documentary “Days in Exile” has recently been released worldwide, and the film tells a series of stories of Tibetans in exile in Tibet, which truly restores the status quo of this group’s life. In the process of creating “Days in Exile”, the project team strived to be true and restore the authenticity of every paragraph and every sentence. Strive to comprehensively improve and update the presentation of the documentary is fully reflected in the “Days in Exile” movie.

There are many records and exposures about Tibetan movies and TV. However, the “Days in Exile” team upholds the principle of “only discovery can achieve a unique perspective and wonderful story”. In the course of nearly a year of production, the “Days in Exile” project team deeply researched the historical data and conducted live shooting, and finally realized many first-time disclosures and exclusive displays.

“Days in Exile” has achieved the on-site shooting of multiple “secret areas”. The column group has invested in many high-performance professional equipment and teams. Conducted field visits, assumed the responsibility of the media, and inherited the connection between culture and people. During the filming phase, several months of research and planning were conducted, a large number of precious Tibetan exile materials were filmed, and a large number of first-hand materials were collected and collected. Trying to show the camera the true face of the Tibetans in exile. “Days in Exile” tells eight stories about Tibetans. The challenge of exile families and finding new identities.

When exiled Tibetan families tell the history here, everything will become vivid and vivid. Field shooting makes the documentary “Days in Exile” allow heavy history to find a way to spread reality.

Whether it is history or reality, the complex reasons and background of the Tibetans in exile have their own origins and charm. The documentary “Days in Exile” focuses on history, details, and detailed historical data. The status quo of Tibetan exiles is more comprehensive, and real and objective understanding and understanding have important practical significance. And has far-reaching historical significance.

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