How COVID-19 transformed lead generation for businesses

Benefits of the lockdown on the digital lead generation workflow

We have been big supporters of businesses creating their own lead generation funnels, rather than buying leads in or relying on a sales force to create leads for the business. The day that many businesses woke up to the fact that their entire business model may have changed came as a shock for many. With many businesses relying entirely on their sales team doing manual outreach, networking and prospecting, their sales funnel had been flipped on its head – with confusion even surrounding how they would shake a prospects hands.

Fast-forward 30 days and we saw a shift in the business landscape, with many new clients asking questions about how they could begin creating a viable lead generation channel online. The great news is, that businesses are in a better place than ever to do so and here is why:

Many businesses identified areas where, in fact, they would be better to automate and grow their lead generation systems. We saw many businesses identifying that with any high-performing lead generation channel, the system runs on a scalable model. If you own your own funnel, you can in-turn see the true cost per lead, identify winning channels for conversion, and double down on the exact focus points that are generating sales.

An example would be for a Financial Services company, creating a funnel featuring a questionnaire and tool to help potential first time investors identify how they can invest their money, and ways to reduce taxes and increase end profits. This provides a lead database of people who would be interested in the services provided by the company, meaning that the sales team only needs to make a connection once the prospect is already familiar with your brand and has already been provided with value. This enables the sales team to then focus on what they do best, conversions.

A key turning point which we have seen since the beginning of the pandemic is that clients are now far more receptive to an online consultation. With everything in their diary now involving a zoom meeting, from workouts, to family quizzes and even dates, the general public as a whole are far more open to having a digital consultation. The benefits of this for businesses are profound. This allows the lead generation and sales process far more efficient, with prospects booking zoom calls or google meet appointments directly into your calendar and having a face-to-face interaction, all online. Not having to physically visit businesses within the sales process allows companies to model and scale their lead generation and sales process like never before.

As a Marketing, PR and Branding company with team members based all over the world, this has been the case for us for years, running campaigns for clients in the United States, with our team working remotely between The U.K., Holland and other countries. We have always pushed for the power of taking the funnel digital, but for many of our ‘old-world’ clients, they shared the feeling that ‘there was no match for face-to-face meetings. Even some of the most conservative and traditional of our client base has now shifted their focus to digital, developing Online Courses, establishing ways to deliver their service remotely and in-general, being more open to the benefits that digital campaigns hold.

Our advice for companies who relied heavily on traditional brick and mortar sales or a sales force to be on the road, door to door? Take the jump into digital. There is a global surge in the engagement from users on Linkedin, who now have a greater focus on their online platforms. Within linkedin there are opportunities to connect with senior leaders of some of the world’s fasting moving start-ups, an opportunity which in the past would require an insider to vouch for you.

We highly advise looking into your automation workflow and seeing if there are ways that your business could automate the lead generation process. On a B2B level, this could be through Linkedin or through your own website. Having a well-optimized funnel is key and a ‘hook’ that entices people to share their information, whilst at the same time providing them valuable information that would help their business.

In summary, there is no better time to invest in a lead generation workflow of your own and begin to optimize the way in which your organization generates business.

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