Forbes Says Belize Will Be The Best Place to Live and Retire Post The Coronavirus

Ambergris Caye, Belize – Mention Forbes magazine when traveling the world and you can count on fair, so when travel writer Kathleen Peddicord was asked by Forbes to pick just three ideal retirement locations, one of them was Belize.

At a time the COVID virus is being contained, recreational travel is once again on the minds of retirees looking at location options, and according to Salt Life Belize sales director Scott Fuson, they’re picking Belize for all the right reasons.

Among the most popular Belize tourist destinations is Ambergris Caye, which is why this exciting island is so often the place celebrities vacation, retirees choose over other Belize destinations and travel writers prefer to profile when they focus on hot spots.

“Ambergris Caye and Belize have everything it takes to attract retirees,” says Fuson, citing Forbes’ research. “Our water resources are reliable, much of the nation is energy independent, our population is small, crime is low and the weather is great year-round. These are reasons people of all walks of life want to retire here, and enthusiasm is particularly keen when visitors realize that it’s possible to purchase real estate at the nation’s premier location: Ambergris Caye.”

However Ambergris Caye is usually the most expensive place to live in Belize, which is why Salt Life Belize stands out from the norm. “Our condos are priced to please retirees, many of whom expect to live on a budget once they enter this stage of life. That fact alone makes this community stand out from competitor projects,” Fuson adds.

Developed by an American to exacting standards, this 50-acre community will open phase one this year with luxury condominiums designed for a carefree lifestyle. Once it’s complete, Salt Life Belize will include a full service resort and fly fishing lodge, beach club, estate homes, restaurants, bars and tour outlets. Having neighbors from the U.S. just steps away means retirees have an instant community awaiting them.

“Folks purchasing units tell us that seeing photos of Salt Life Belize and then touring the area are reason enough to consider purchasing a retirement home, but when they learn about Belize’s Retired Person’s Incentive Program, no capital gains tax, getting the same land and property rights as native-born Belizeans and being just a few hours from loved ones, they’re convinced,” says Fuson.

Given publicity afforded the area as publications like Forbes promote travel once more, inquiries into Salt Life Belize residences have increased, which is why Fuson has seen an uptick in the number of 3-day Salt Life Belize tours retirees can book. “It’s easy to see why Forbes recommends Belize,” adds Fuson. “We urge retirees to contact us now — while prices remain affordable and prime units are still available.”

Salt Life Belize is a unique development offering superior Belize real estate in an area not known for affordability. The project’s American developer brings the best of all worlds to the community, pairing state-of-the-art infrastructure with elegant design. Situated along the Caribbean Sea, condos are especially attractive to retirees eager to live among other ex-pats. Studio, 1 and 2 bedroom condominiums with on-water balconies and roomy interiors are available for occupation right now, as the community’s Salt Beach Club moves toward completion by year’s end.

For more information about Salt Life Belize, please call 1-800-669-6970 or email [email protected]

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