The Music Industry Is Finally Embracing Online Activity

Music Industry Startup Indiy is supporting musicians to transition to the digital world!

The Music industry is to nearly double in value by the end of the decade, Goldman Sachs says.

Analysts at Goldman Sachs said in a research note that live music would be “severely impacted” by the postponement and cancellation of events this year, leading to a 75% drop in revenue but just because the world has gone online, it doesn’t mean your craft has to stop.

Indiy is the online marketplace that has launched where musicians can buy and sell music service.

They put musicians in control of their own music journey, you can see some of the music pros available on and signup for free, and even list a service!

“Our aim is to empower people to create and make money from their music, anywhere in the world, it is especially important for musicians to refocus their efforts given the current situation with Covid-19 and we are here to support them every step of the way” – Chris Hocking, CEO at Indiy.

To succeed in the music industry is no easy feat, you need to break through the noise, avoid the scams and hurdle over gatekeepers which can be tough because doing it alone is difficult but why not take charge doing it by yourself together with the new online Indiy marketplace…

Whether you need mixing, mastering, a studio to record in, Music lessons, A voice coach to improve your vocal range, PR, artwork, or even legal advice, it’s easy to sign up, book or list

Whatever service you have to offer or are looking for. Once both parties are in agreement the buyer gets the service and the seller gets paid, it really is that simple.

You can also access services via the new Indiy Android App that just launched here

We have a free book to help you get started in the Music Industry And you can even submit your music to our collaborative playlists for free here

Whatever your instrument or whatever you need – Be Indiy

About [Indiy]:

Indiy is shaking up the music industry to make it fairer, more accessible and easier to progress for anyone with raw music talent, across the globe.

Connecting musicians with services such as mixing, mastering, legal services promotion and graphic design.

Their mission is to improve how the Music Industry works today.

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