Frank Scott Dillon is a rebel writer who is all set to publish his first novel based on his life in military service to inspire readers around the globe

The author is on a mission to make reading cool again by transforming his daily journal into a mesmerizing storybook!

New York, USA – ‘Afloat: a cinematic novel part one’ is the story of a millennial misfit who is on a never-ending search for adventure. He sees joining the military as a perfect escape from mundane existence. Frank S. Dillon, a former navy sailor narrates his life experiences in his book, which is going to be published in July 2020. His off-the-wall style is unlike any other military memoir on the market. His journey from a stoner misfit to a sailor is not a smooth transition. His cinematic style of writing put you in his shoes as he navigates through life.

Dillon had wished to become a writer since he was a child. His passion for playing with words did not subside when he was inducted in the military. On the contrary, he started to maintain a daily journal and note down his thoughts and daily life experiences as a navy sailor. Now that he is retired from his duties, he finally decided to compile his journal into a novel which is a combination of true-life events and a bit of fiction to keep the prospective readers engaged. The book is going to be a treat for former and current sailors, future sailors, veterans, navy moms, navy wives, and all the people who loved to know more about the uniformed lifestyle.

Frank has posted his book on to receive crowdfunding so that he can finance the publication and promotion of his book. He is quite excited about this project and hopes to reach as many people around the world as possible to share his thoughts with them. In his words: “They say everyone is born to do something. Since I was a wee lad, I have dreamt of being a writer. When I decided to enlist in the military, a light bulb went off. I could create a one-of-a-kind, authentic account of my experience. So, I started keeping a journal of my life. Even when I was in boot camp or out to sea I would scribble my thoughts in my notebook and be even asked a few times by the other Sailors what I was doing. I want to be different and original. This isn’t your standard novel; it’s written like a movie to keep the writer engaged and entertained. Of course, I have haters. Even some of my closest friends will tell me “keep dreaming bro” and that “no one reads books anymore,” but a rapper once said, “If you ain’t got no haters you ain’t poppin.”

Frank Scott Dillon is counting on the general readers’ support to fulfill his dream. He is dedicated to his craft and aims to write more books in the future if this book of his gets positively welcomed. To pledge your support visit:

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Indy publisher Frank spent his childhood split between the south shore of Long Island, New York, and the Lake Region section of Western Maine. He is all set to publish his first book this summer.

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