Millionaire entrepreneur Andrew Kroeze helping online business coaches to scale to 7+ figure income through Facebook Groups

Tribe of Buyers is extending highly successful training programs that guide online business coaches to reach 6 – 7+ figure income through proven Facebook Group marketing strategies.

Cardiff, Wales – May 22, 2020 – Great news for online business coaches struggling to make it big for a long time. Cardiff-based Tribe of Buyers is helping online business coaches to scale past 7-figure income using the power of Facebook Group. Founded by millionaire entrepreneur Andrew Kroeze, the company offers online training programs on how to grow tribe organically through proven Facebook Group strategies and without wasting time on paid ads.

In the past 12 months, Tribe of Buyers has helped 11 online business coaches scale their businesses past 7-Figures using the power of Facebook Groups and its seasoned team of marketing experts.

“We bring to you tested and highly successful coaching programs & masterminds that will show a straightforward approach to scale your coaching business to a 6-7+ figure income in a short span. Unlike other regular marketing campaigns that drain your money with costly paid advertising policies, we will show you how to effectively increase leads and grow income through a more economical Facebook Group strategy. We assure you proven Facebook Group strategies only that have helped us and several business coaches like you to generate massive income in the last one year”, stated Andrew Kroeze.

Tribe of Buyers is offering not 1 but 3 kinds of training programs to choose from as per one’s specific business aspirations and experience.

  • Group Growth & Monetization Blueprint Program – This is a 6-week online course for business coaches who are new to the online coaching space. It comprises of step-by-step guide, worksheets, templates, live Q&A sessions with Kroeze himself and access to an exclusive mastermind community of entrepreneurs.

  • Authority Accelerator Program – This program is designed for online business coaches who are aspiring to scale their business past 6-figures. The program includes access to proven plug-in-ply systems that will help a business coach to grow and monetize his online tribe without wasting money on expensive software, paid ads and crazy funnels.

  • 7-Figure CEO Mastermind – This program is especially for online business coaches who are looking forward to take their business past 7-figures. As part of the program, a business coach can borrow the Kroeze’s highly talented team for a whole year who will guide him/her to start closing immediately through the power of Facebook Group.

While asked about the inspiration behind the training programs, Kroeze mentioned about his first free Facebook Group for his business in 2017. In 5 weeks of opening it, his Group membership scaled from 0 to a massive 1,000 at an exponential pace. His amazing success with the Facebook Group soon brought him requests from his members asking for his coaching and mentorship. In response, Kroeze made a post, saying he was taking 8 clients in 24 hours. In just one single day, all the spots were sold out, leaving him with a handsome $6,400. The extraordinary success reaffirmed his faith in the excellent marketing potential of Facebook Groups and inspired him to guide other business coaches about the great prospects of Facebook Groups through his training programs. Thus, the Tribe of Buyers training programs were born.

As of now, Mr. Kroeze has scaled up his business to a whopping $2 million+ enterprise in less than 2 years through his innovative Facebook Group strategies. He prides on working with some of the best coaches in the current market who work directly with the clients.

“Our team is armed with some of the best online business experts and coaches who will directly work with you to take your business to new heights. Our Sales Coach is Brad Newman who has closed over $5 million in sales in just a 3 years. Then, you have our extremely talented copywriting coach Sarah Temte who has generated millions from her creative copies. Our delivery coach is the super smart Avery Ford who has created programs that have generated over $12 million and more.”

Tribe of Buyers training programs have garnered series of rave reviews from a long list of online business coaches.

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