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When it comes to headhunting: we have to mention Korn ferry. In the global headhunting industry, whether it’s the “top five” or other top headhunting companies, there must be Korn ferry. It’s also the evergreen tree that has been in the forefront of the industry for many years, with many honors and good reputation.

In 1969, with KPMG background, Lester B. Korn and Richard M. ferry founded Korn ferry in Los Angeles. Since 1973, it has set up offices in Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur, and the strategic layout of the Asia Pacific region has begun to take shape.

With some classic works, Korn ferry international has become a symbol enterprise in the global headhunting industry, and these cases are also delightful.

In November 1978, Los Angeles, as the only candidate city, became the host city of the Olympic Games.With it comes great financial pressure.In view of the huge deficit of previous Olympic Games, the US government rejected the proposal of national financial subsidy and banned the issuance of sports lottery to raise funds. Therefore, the OCOG decided to recruit a chairman in public to solve the financial difficulties. At this time, a headhunting company named Cohen ferrid successfully recommended Peter V. Ueberroth to the organizing committee. When he became chairman of the organizing committee, only one of the 11 volunteers had a bank account with the Organizing Committee of US $1. However, under his leadership, the Los Angeles Olympic Games finally won 225 million US dollars in revenue, and he was also honored as “the God of Olympic business” and “the father of Olympic business”.

Since then, Cohen ferry has become famous. Many company executives will hear a polite introduction when they contact the company: “this is Cohen ferry company, that is, we have found a genius named Peter V. Ueberroth. Would you like to talk?”

The company entered the Chinese market in 2001 and experienced a long wait. From 1995 to 2002, because China does not open to foreign human resources service companies, China can only understand China’s talent market and not develop its own business. It was not until 2002 that the application for the establishment of the joint venture company was approved by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of personnel.

In the same year, the position of president of Hong Kong University, one of the oldest universities in Hong Kong founded in 1911, was vacant. After accepting the Commission, Korn Ferry immediately called on all levels of the company to use all available and possible search and evaluation methods to establish a list of 50 people in the inner circle of the global Chinese elite.According to Korn ferry Greater China region, “according to the requirements and conditions of Hong Kong University, the first step in this selection is to conduct a transnational market survey to select scholars and scientists of Chinese origin from all countries. At the same time, because Hong Kong University has a medical background, the medical field is better.” After the proposal was approved by the headquarters, Korn ferry successfully found Mr. Xu Lizhi, who became the 14th president of the University of Hong Kong after many interviews between the head of Asia and Mr. Xu Lizhi. In 2005, Xu Lizhi, a well-organized and outstanding leader, was named the “best university president” by Hong Kong people. Korn ferry also gained instant fame in the Chinese market.

In 2011, a senior professional from Korn ferry international and the people who are motivated to bring influence to the human resource industry in China jointly founded the first headhunting company in China, Wootree international management consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd, which is comparable to the five largest companies in the world, in an effort to build China’s local Korn ferry international. No matter from business development, corporate culture or organizational structure, we are strictly benchmarking Korn ferry and carrying out local optimization.

From the aspect of business development: Wootree, like Korn ferry, focuses on the field and senior management, and executives in the fields of Pan real estate, Internet and Finance (General annual base salary of more than 50W and C-level annual base salary of millions). Each field includes headhunting, consulting and other businesses. Since 2011, we have cooperated with listed groups, foreign-funded enterprises, state-owned enterprises, central enterprises and transnational groups in the real estate industry. After six years of precipitation and network accumulation. In 2017, the recruitment mode of recommendation system was launched online and offline through domestic innovation. In 2019, we began to explore the Internet field…

In the past nine years, Wootree has completed nearly 100 C-level recruitment in the industry and hundreds of positions with annual salary of millions. Through the accumulation of its own contacts and the unique recruitment mode of circle recommendation system, Wootree has completed the whole process of recruitment of millions of annual salary senior executives, and completed the whole process of C-level core senior executives within 21 daysmany times in a week. The recruitment of core executives with an annual salary of 5 million can be completed as soon as 18 days! The founder won the honor of “2018 best female entrepreneur of human resource technology” issued by Tech China, the most authoritative human resource technology media in China.

From the perspective of corporate culture: with the concept of “let talents no longer be the bottleneck of business development”, Wootree always adheres to stand at the center of the common development of talents and enterprises as the most appropriate resources for both sides. Work with “heart” and accomplish things with “heart”, which is deeply trusted by enterprises and candidates in the industry.

From organizational structure: The personnel allocation is capable and closely matched with the industry, so as to improve efficiency by training, strengthen motivation by salary and seek fairness by comprehensive assessment.

In the future, Wootree will continue to strictly benchmark with Korn ferry international, continue to focus on the industry market and focus on the new economic pattern, continue to expand its business and give full play to its experience advantages, so that the talent demand of excellent enterprises is closely linked with the talent capital of innovation majors, and become a leading brand for talent recruitment in China’s real estate, finance and Internet fields!

“The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.” Wootree, which focuses on fields and talents, will be the Korn ferry of China.

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