Ghramae Johnson Releases New Album titled ‘Calm’

The album titled ‘Calm’ is a blend of classical, emotional, soulful and orchestral drama.

May 22, 2020 – Flowetry Life musician and life enthusiast, Ghramae Johnson has announced the launch of his latest album, CALM. The album recorded with just a piano, is for lovers of ambient music that help to calm the mind, give motivation, relax the body, and make one sleep better.

If you are tired after a whole day of work and need a warm bath and good relaxing music, CALM is exactly what you need. All you need to do, is grab a bottle of wine, soak in a bathtub, and enjoy a wonderful blend of classical, emotional, soulful and orchestral drama.

CALM is composed of tracks such as Romantic Love, Love Serenade, The Question, Beyond, Where I Belong, Perfect Peace, Joy, So in Love, Free Heart, Walk with Me, Open Heart, Mysterious Love, In the Key of Grateful, Reunion, My Truth, Forever Yours, Bliss, Just Be, Heal Me, Let Go, Living, In the Key of Love, and Purify.

Eight tracks were taken off the CALM album by Johnson to create another album titled ‘AMBIENT’. The tracks which include Ambient Calling, Ambient Chase, Chill, Flow Life, Hearts, Touch, Romantic Ambience, and Ambient Love, give an ambient and atmospheric feel. Blended with 432Hz and 528Hz (love frequency), they’re great to get lost in, align with and calm the deepest recesses of the mind.

As a composer, Johnson adores melody and varying tones that produce an emotional response. As a flowesist (a person that attempts to flow with the universal flow, source of life or divine spirit), he is sensitive to high vibrations that heal and promote wellness. So, his music combines these essentials.

To listen to the CALM and AMBIENT albums, go online to:

About Ghramae Johnson

Ghramae (Grey-me) a pianist, and life enthusiast who adores the ability to express himself through multiple channels such as music, entrepreneurship, property investment, painting, and teaching. I have published books such as ‘The PBE system – How to become financially free investing in property’, and most recently an Amazon Bestseller called ‘Growth Mindset Secrets’ in 2019.

He has coached hundreds of people, developed an online course that has enrolled over 7,000 students. His goal is to create a platform that centralizes his work (mental and physical).

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