Best investment in 2020 “24k pure gold art work by Artist Dhanraj Shelke”

As art has no correlation to the stock market, inflation or pandamic, it means paintings can go up in value even when the market crashes or any other cryis, making it a good diversification for an investment portfolio.

Investing in art isn’t something you should do on a whim. Instead, take time to get to know the artist and what you can expect from art investments. Artprice is a good place to start for researching prices in general. If you’re interested specifically in art, artist Dhanraj Shelke is an artist who makes custom art with his signature style of making realistic oil painting in 24k pure gold. 

Artist Dhanraj Shelke believs “never buy an art which is not made specifically for you” his working as an artist from last 11 years he managed to sell more than 15,000 art works world wide, Art being Dhanraj’s forte and an artist of today’s era, Dhanraj studied a lot of varied aspects of art and eventually created his own blueprint, which led him in ‘The world’s top inspirational modern artists’ (by London magazine 2018) and got him featured at ‘Tokyo International Art Fare’ (Japan 2017) and many other prestigious galleries and awards.

WWW.DHANRAJSHELKEART.COM is one of the top 80 artist sites in world, backed by @dhanrajshelkeart on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter etc. with a total 50k plus followers. He has a team of 80 artists pan India with operations in graphics, fine art, pure gold coated art, art decor, corporate gifting, 3D printing, art tenders, art merchandising etc, making him one of the top art selling artist in world.

Artist Dhanraj Shelke did everything differently which eventually led to huge numbers of collectors. Apart from this, Dhanraj understands the need to support the less privileged by contributing 10% of every art piece sold through an organization ‘HELP OUR CAUSE’. His open approach towards the needy and his co-artists makes his profession lively and evolving.

Such aspects like strong brand name and strong market share makes his art the best investment in 2020.


Media Contact
Company Name: Dhanraj Shelke Art
City: Kolhapur
State: Maharashtra
Country: India