Eastern Ontario Robotic Dairy Systems Helps Farmers Improve Daily Productivity Through its Automated Farming Machinery

Managing a dairy farm efficiently and profitably involves a lot of diligence. It comes with immense responsibilities and one needs to regularly perform tasks throughout the day in order to ensure that the farm remains productive. These involve feeding the cows, waste management, etc. However, taking care of all these manually is tedious, and also slows down the growth of your business. Well, the Eastern Ontario Robotic Dairy Systems can make your life easier. 

About Eastern Ontario Robotic Dairy Systems

Eastern Ontario Robotic Dairy Systems is a local company based out of Eastern Ontario. It provides various machinery to simplify dairy farm management and improve productivity, without having the obligation to manually take care of the daily farm activities. 

The company sellsRobotic Milking Systems (RMS), Automatic milking systems (AMS), and a number of other equipment to help farmers manage their farms more efficiently, and improve the Farm family Quality of life

Eastern Ontario Robotic Dairy Systems works in collaboration with prominent names like Lely, Beaumatic robots & DeLaval robots and sells high-quality, durable, and robust farming equipment. With its wide range of products, Eastern Ontario Robotic Dairy Systems helps dairy farmers improve efficiency and save on Labour Costs

Services and Products

The company’s flagship products are its Robotic Milking Systems – Voluntary Milking Systems (VMS) and Automatic milking systems (AMS). It sells these machines in a wide range of prices – according to the farmer’s exact needs in regard to factors like the number of cows to be fed, etc. Apart from being efficient in feeding and milking cows, these also ensure enough cow comfort, which eventually reflects in better health and productivity.  

Eastern Ontario Robotic Dairy Systems sells its feed control machines to ensure the utmost cow comfort – the only way to have a successful dairy farm business. These machines are easy-to-use, and more importantly are customizable as per your cows’ exact feeding schedule. While these save you a lot of time in feeding the cows at regular intervals, these also ensure better cow health through its accurate feeding mechanism.  

Waste management is one of the most critical aspects of a dairy farm business. Maintaining a clean barn is extremely important to cow health and their productivity, However, manually cleaning an entire barn is both costly and labour-intensive. Eastern Ontario Robotic Dairy Systems’ automated manure control machines are extremely efficient in maintaining sanitary conditions for your cows. Moreover, it saves Labour

Apart from providing high-quality milking machines, the company also sells customizable parlour stalls according to the space available on your farm. These stalls ensure a seamless milking process for the cows, thus making them healthier and more productive. Moreover, the performance and longevity of the milking machine increases a great deal, when properly fitted into the stalls.  

To make sure that your farming business remains sustainable and efficient, Eastern Ontario Robotic Dairy Systems also provide milk coolers. These help in preserving the milk in a quality-controlled manner. 

All in all, Eastern Ontario Robotic Dairy Systems is a one-stop solution for all requirements relevant to running a dairy farm. While it helps you grow your business’ productivity and efficiency, it also promotes Animal Welfare, by keeping them in a healthy state. Moreover, the company also takes care of the end to end the installation and maintenance of all its products and services. 

You can know more about Eastern Ontario Robotic Dairy Systems at https://www.roboticdairyfarmequipment.ca/

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