Coloured Contact Lenses – How Celebrities Prefer Them Over Their Natural Eye Colours

For someone who has suffered from weak eyesight for their entire life, lenses are undoubtedly a great blessing. They come in handy to people of all ages and from all spheres of life. Be it a student or an office worker or a housewife, they all at one point or another feel the need to stop carrying their eyeglasses everywhere they go. While wearing eyeglasses is an enormous hassle, it may also ruin your entire outfit or look. On the other hand, lenses can help you stand out and make you look even more bold and beautiful than you might look daily. For this very reason, a vast percentage of the population chooses to opt for contact lenses, including celebrities and fashion models, who know what is going to look the best and feel the best too!

Coloured contact lenses may also come in various types depending on what look you are going for and to what extent you need your eye colour to change. The three basic types are opaque coloured lenses, visibility tinted coloured lenses and enhancement tinted coloured lenses. Other than that, there also are lenses especially designed for people with eye disorders such as astigmatism and many others as well. Opaque Coloured Lenses are made to change your eye colour completely while simulating your iris, the coloured part of your eye, to appear a certain colour. If you have dark brown or black eyes, you will need to opt for opaque coloured lenses for a change in your eye colour. They come in various colours including hazel, blue, violet, green and many many more. They have dots or lines on them, so they appear more natural- just like the iris. Visibility Tinted Coloured Lenses usually have a very light green or blue tint added to them, for a person to see them better while inserting or removing them. It does not affect your natural eye colour. Enhancement Tinted Coloured Lenses enhance the colour of your eyes while making them look more striking and attractive. People with light coloured eyes use them and intensifies their eye colour more.

Taking care of your contact lenses

While contact lenses check all the boxes for being comfortable as well as beautiful, it’s very important to take care of them as well. There are certain precautions that lens wearers must take in order for them to last long and feel better.

  • Wash your hands with a handwash and rinse them thoroughly before applying lenses so no dirt or bacteria transfers to them. 

  • Be extra careful while putting them in so you do not accidentally drop them and lose them.

  • Change the lens solution as often as possible and cleanse your lens thoroughly after using them.

  • Do not use lenses for a longer period than recommended by your optician.

  • Be sure to check the expiry date of your lenses and not overuse them for that might ruin your eyes or cause irritation and redness.

  • Do NOT share your contact lenses, EVER!

Some celebrities who use coloured contact lenses

While celebrities do everything, they can to remain up to date and fashionable, wearing coloured contact lenses has always been a trend that never seem to fade away. Eyes are the windows to the soul, and so beautiful eyes just seem to enhance your entire personality transforming it and taking it to a whole another level. Here are some celebrities who use coloured contact lenses to elevate their personalities to new heights of glam.

1. Jennifer Aniston

The famous sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S sweetheart, Jennifer Aniston, has always had a special place in fans’ hearts. It would not be a shock to know that Jennifer is a constant user of blue lenses that compliment her blonde hair oh so perfectly.

2. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has definitely made her way in the hall of fame with her amazing music and immense beauty which comes with her top-notch fashion sense. She has been found wearing different coloured contact lenses on different occasions and in a few her music videos as well.

3. Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson a.k.a Edward Cullen from Twilight was every girl’s crush when his movies released. The actor used brown contacts to fulfill the role of Edward in Twilight.

4. Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie, most well known for her character in The Suicide Squad, wears green enhancement lenses to make her eyes pop out more!

Other than these, there are countless other movie stars and models who use coloured contact lenses daily. Michelle Keegan, Paris Hilton, Kylie Jenner, Kanye West, Nina Dobrev, Kendall Jenner also opt for coloured lenses to complete their fashion looks and look beautiful as ever.

Occasions on which you can rock coloured contact lenses

Coloured contact lenses while being a need for some people might just be a fashion statement for the other. Whatever the scenerio may be, the fact that they make you look and feel classier and more beautiful is undeniable. You can wear these on weddings, bridal showers, birthday parties, formal or informal events. The spooky and strange versions of these lenses can also be worn to complete Halloween looks or make them scarier and more mysterious. 

On Halloween, these lenses can transform your scary looks to a new level and make you stand out the most. You can wear blue opaque contact lenses and become a whitewalker from the Game of Thrones. Or you can be Valak, The Nun from Conjuring 2 by wearing yellow lenses and completing your entire spine-chilling look of the very loved Valak. The Chucky Doll is also one of the looks that can be created with the help of Halloween contact lenses. All you need is an orange spray hair dye, a mushed face, and some blood red contact lenses to complete this look and scare the crap out of everyone in the neighborhood.

Other than Halloween, coloured contact lenses can come in handy at any other costume party or cosplay as well. They can make your eyes look extremely dramatic or very subtle depending on the colour and design that you choose.

Choosing the right colour might also be very difficult. Usually, the brighter tones of lenses such as turquoise, aqua and are better suited for people having light complexions whereas people having dark or dusky complexions should opt for milder tones like honey, brown or hazel.

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