Dr. Guy Cappuccino Explains the Potential Risks Associated With Body Contouring in Maryland

Dr. Guy Cappuccino addresses concerns about the risks and side effects associated with body contouring.

Dr. Guy Cappuccino, the renowned board-certified cosmetic surgeon known for his unmatched expertise in providing a broad range of beauty and wellness procedures has responded to concerns among some patients about the risks and possible side effects of body contouring in Maryland. Patients with excess fat accumulation or excess skin in specific areas of the body as a result of massive weight loss can choose to undergo body contouring to get back the desired body contour.

“I am happy to address the concerns arising from a few quarters about the risks associated with the body contouring procedure,” says Dr. Guy Cappuccino. “We take all the precautions needed to make sure that the patient achieves their fitness and beauty goals by improving their appearance and self-esteem. While there is an element of risk associated with every cosmetic surgery process, our clinic makes use of the most advanced tools and technologies to mitigate the risks to the best possible extent.”

According to Dr. Cappuccino, the leading expert in body contouring in Maryland, the procedure can only be performed when the patients have reached a stable body weight by following a disciplined lifestyle. This can be achieved by exercising regularly and eating healthy food in moderate measures. The patient must also commit to a healthy and active lifestyle even after the surgery is over and the desired result is achieved.

Dr. Cappuccino is of the opinion that the large incisions and removal of excess skin and fatty tissues which form the core surgical activity of the procedure may cause scarring in some patients. This may necessitate further revisions.

Body contouring creates spaces and cavities in the body as a result of the removal of excess skin and fat. This can result in the collection of blood or body fluids in such spaces after the operation is completed. This is a risk that can affect some patients who undergo body contouring surgery in Mount Airy.

 The renowned surgeon also states that loss of circulation and loss of skin are also risks associated with body contouring. The healing process may get delayed in such patients which can cause even more scarring and appropriate corrective measures.

Infections are a high-risk factor in any surgical procedure and body contouring can also result in infections in some individuals. This is not an area of major concern according to Dr. Cappuccino as there are advanced treatment options available. Infections can be controlled and managed better using the latest generation of antibiotics.

Dr. Guy Cappuccino is an undisputed authority in body countering surgery in Mount Airy and has unmatched knowledge about the subject owing to his unmatched experience and expertise. He states that all types of risks and adverse developments can be minimized and controlled by ensuring that patient selection procedures are stringently followed and the latest surgical techniques and tools are meticulously used.

The board-certified cosmetic surgeon also reveals that in many patients undergoing body contouring in Maryland experiencing numbness in the area surrounding the scars is a common occurrence. In almost all cases, this is a temporary thing and is well tolerated.

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