Celiane the Voice Leading the Music World with Dynamic Electronica Hip-Opera Genre

Celiane the Voice is a famous unconventional singer with ultimate personality. She is known for bringing multiple talents to her one-woman shows with a virtuosic uncontrolled nature of a wildfire. People love her more for her mind-blowing music creations; all her performances are observed to be out of the box with the superior technohuman character that she bears with grace. She is a powerful woman who challenges the perception of the audience about love, freedom and conscious reality. More than that, she is commanding, shocking and utterly free-spirited woman with a pure heart.

Celiane the Voice belongs to the Bay Area in California. With her years of hard work and dedicated efforts to grow as a musician, today she has become a dynamic and pioneering singer in the genre of Electronica Hip-Opera. She has mastered her skills in Jazz and Opera with around twenty years of vocal training. She practised these learning sessions at Amadeus School of Music and Arts and UC Berkeley under the supervision of directors like Joseph Jennings and with the help of some private instructors.

With years of regular practice and thorough understanding of technique and genre, she is now able to create a perfect mixture out of a wide range of musical influences. Her unique blends to create electronic music are loved by the listeners around the world. The impressive eclectic nature of her music redefined her personality in the music world while giving her listeners a clear idea about the real potential of music. When it comes to her production value, she alone can set the bar high as compared to many competitors around. Although she is deeply inspired by some prolific artists such as Daft Punk, Tina Guo, Amy Winehouse and Pharrell, she still has a unique and original taste for music and that offbeat technique really shines out of all her collections. She creates a deep connection with her listeners via her touching notes. You can find many of her unique music collections on YouTube, Spotify and SoundCloud as well.

About Celiane the Voice:

Celiane the Voice is a famous singer from the Bay Area in California. Music is her passion and true love; she is completely dedicated to creating some masterpieces to impress the world. She considers music as her better half and keeps on working hard to shine with her skills. While continually working to build up her repertoire and create a unique and memorable sound, she has performed live at events such as Afro Comicon, NorCal Cosplay Ball, NYE 2018, and Napa Smith Brewery, and she has hopes of touring internationally in 2020. Her work can currently be found online on streaming platforms such as Reverbnation, Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp. And information can be found at www.celianethevoice.com.

In order to know more about her, we asked a few questions from this famous singer:

Q. What inspired you to choose this field as your career?

A. I love everything about music.  You can recreate yourself in the notes and melodies that you hear. You can be grungy in a baseline or you can rock out to that guitar; or you can make noise.  Whatever you are, the real you becomes one with the music.  Music does that to you.   Music is something that influences your spirit in a way nothing else can.  I love what I do. I love the stage. I love to see my fan’s reactions to my music and my art form through the music itself.  They don’t just hear it, they see it in the technohuman and it becomes a discussion at times.  When I perform, the visual technohuman combined with the songs let people know I am delivering a message to them to help them understand their nature and reach back to who they really are.  Music is an art form that demands a person to be a creator.  I can shape it anyway I choose.  It allows anyone to be able to do that.  That is powerfully unique, and that is why I chose this as my career.

Q. What are your upcoming projects for the year 2020?

A. The shelter-in-place has put things on hold physically, but not creatively. I have a song release in June 2020 of my second single, “Systematic”.  Where “Why Can’t You?” gave an R&B flare in my style, this time, electronica reigns in this song.  I am working on multiple looks to reimagine Celiane in different ways as a technohuman.  I am working on performing for some of the ComiCons and gaming conventions.  I love video games and anime, so along with creating my own music for them, I am looking to cover some video game and anime themed songs in my style.    I have in the works a comic-book and storyline based on my character and pushing the visual envelope in video form.  I am hoping to collaborate with other artists both visually and musically to create masterpieces that “wow” the world in a positive and different way during this time. 

Q. Which form of music touches your heart so deep?

A. When I was about 9, I would lay on the floor of the living room and I would air conduct to the classical music on the radio.  In particular Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, 3rd and 4th movements.  It was turbulent yet hopeful. Not because it was Beethoven, but because of the peaks and valleys of the music.  That started my journey to really feeling music.  In college, I learned, that in listening to classical and many other forms of music, about the feeling behind chord progressions, beat and baselines.  Rock, Light Rock, Pop and R&B of the 80’s and early to mid 90’s had these powerful chord progressions that you could just melt into or make your heart soar or drop.  Then rap started to put some of these in with that heavy heart bass beat combinations. You could really feel those words and those emotions of the artists.  I follow music that has strong building chord progressions because those are what give, what I call, “musical orgasms”.  They take you to a place emotionally that just make you take a breath and  be in the glow of the music in full awe and emotion.  It is not the form of music that moves me, it is how it is manipulated to speak to me that moves me. If music is to be my partner, it has to seduce me the way a person would, and particular chord progressions, well put together beat patterns with a baseline that drives your heartbeat and your feet do that for me.

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