Putting Ones Affairs In Order – In The Digital Age

CHICAGO, IL – When Cheri Williams-Franklin’s sister died unexpectantly at the age of 36, the family was in shock. “My mother and I had to go to her apartment just two days after she died to look for documents needed to settle her affairs. She told us that she had purchased life insurance, but we were never able to locate it,” says Cheri, with disappointment and chagrin.

“Losing a loved one is stressful enough, but digging through highly personal papers to find missing documents is not something I would wish on anyone. That is why I created Life Snapshot® – a digital vault that consolidates important after-life information that is shared with the important people in your life after one has departed.  Life Snapshot® will ease their load during a stressful time.  It is a gift for the people that you care most about,” says Founder & CEO, Cheri Williams-Franklin.

In estate planning, as in most things in life, preparation is critical.  A report from Caring.com found that only 4 in 10 American adults have a will or living trust.  Life Snapshot® provides a road map for the information and documents that will be needed by your loved ones. Life Snapshot® consolidates this information into a custom report, which is encrypted and safely stored online. At the end of life, this information is immediately accessible to your designates no matter where they live. No frantic searching. No missing information. No lingering questions.

Life Snapshot® 3-step process:

It takes 15 minutes or less to complete the steps outlined below. 

• The first step is to answer questions about your assets. 

• The next step is to identify your designated contacts.

• The final step is to upload any relevant estate planning documents such as life insurance policies, last will & testament, power-of-attorney, and more. 

Life Snapshot® stays in contact with members monthly or quarterly to conduct well-being checks.  If unable to connect with a member, we reach out to the designated contacts. These check-ins ensure that after-life information is shared promptly and makes it virtually impossible for things to slip through the cracks.

Our lives can change in an instant, as we’ve seen with the current COVID-19 Pandemic.  “A member was recently hospitalized due to symptoms of COVID-19”, Cheri reports. The family needed immediate access to her medical power-of-attorney. With Life Snapshot®, the family was able to locate and download the document quickly. This example shows the power of using digital technology to manage one’s advance directives and estate.

Individual Advantage Plans start at $14.99 per month.  Life Snapshot® is offering $30 off Advantage Plans using the code: Together30.  This offer is valid for new members that purchase either the monthly or annual plan.  However, as a special bonus – new members that sign-up for an annual membership can register to receive a full-year Advantage Plan membership at no charge for a loved one through July 11, 2020. 

Life Snapshot® is committed to ensuring that the legacy of families is protected, and assets are distributed the way individuals intended.  Our easy process is secure and encrypted to protect these critical documents.  It is a gift for the living – one that simplifies things during a very stressful time.

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