Anemos Global helps youths & single mothers brace new normal with unique business opportunity

Special projects within ‘Angel Program’ to create additional income sources through trusted digital platform requiring zero upstart capital

KUALA LUMPUR – 8 June, 2020 – With youth unemployment at an all-time high and the prevalence of single mother families on the rise, the current health pandemic with its financial ripple effects will only add to the mounting plights of these vulnerable communities. In announcing the public launch of ‘Young Entrepreneur Success (YES) Program’ and ‘First Love Yourself (FLY) Project’, Anemos Global is hoping to provide a new opportunity for digital income generation that can empower participants towards self-sufficiency and financial independence.

These two initiatives under the Malaysia-based nutraceutical company’s ‘Angel Program’ have been specially designed to help struggling youths and single mothers with limited resources embark on their entrepreneurial journey with zero capital. In their effort to make a difference and give back to society through this stimulus aid solution, Anemos recognises that youths are key drivers of the country’s economic, cultural and social progress, while single mothers are most challenged for daily survival due to unfortunate life circumstances.

“The health and wellness industry plays an integral role in protecting jobs while stimulating the nation’s economy now that healthy living has become a top priority for all of us,” emphasised Edmund Heng, Founding Director of Anemos Global. “Through the ‘Angel Program’, our youths and single mothers in Malaysia can diversify their income by learning the ropes to become digital entrepreneurs directly from our coaches and product trainers.”

Leading ‘YES Program’ will be Asia’s No.1 Business Coach, Ernie Chen, who brings with him vast successes and notable business achievements throughout his distinguished award-winning career. With hands-on training and personal mentoring by Chen, young entrepreneurs will be fully positioned to learn from his real-life experiences across different industries in order to accelerate their own transformation into well-rounded and highly-skilled online business operators.

Under the tutelage of social media influencer and celebrity entrepreneur Suria Sparks in the ‘FLY Project’, members also stand to benefit from the expertise of this once homeless single mother. Sparks specialises in driving high revenue through effective Facebook marketing and personal branding strategies, and once generated over RM30 million worth of digital sales within 10 months. No longer restrained by the need for business capital, single mothers can now look forward to boosting their incomes and improving the quality of life for their family dependants.


Amidst the economic uncertainties and inherent risks of inaction, Anemos encourages all aspiring young entrepreneurs and ambitious single mothers to take this valuable opportunity to secure a better future for themselves. With their scientifically proven products and internationally established brand name, the company believes that anyone with the right mindset will be able to leverage the new trends in online business through this genuine platform and complete guided toolkit provided for free. All interested applicants are advised to contact the company immediately at

About Anemos Global

Anemos Global is a Malaysia-based nutraceutical company which develops and markets a distinctive line of superior quality and high-efficacy products for the global marketplace. As a leading health and wellness brand with the patented LIFECO Technology of innovative bio-active solutions, the company’s flagship products are research validated to be able to reverse the biological clock with powerful functions for anti-ageing, hormonal balancing, digestive system detoxification and weight management. With established regional presence in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and China, Anemos Global is now on a mission to branch out into new international markets to help even more people lead healthier and joyful lives.

About Youth Entrepreneur Success Program and First Love Yourself Project

Launched in 2020, ‘YES Program’ and ‘FLY Project’ were designed for youths and single mothers respectively to kick start their entrepreneur journey with zero capital through the Anemos Global platform. Participants are trained in areas of branding and positioning to equip them with the latest knowledge and skills in order to market the company’s full range of solutions effectively to targeted niches. With the right approach and continuous effort, participants will be able to generate new streams of digital income from the comforts of their own home and work towards eventual financial independence.

Application is now open to the public on their official website

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