India Launches Ultraviolet War On CoronaVirus – Starts Large Scale Sterilizer Production

The First Indian Company To Develop UV Sterilizers starts Full Scale Production, Donates First Production Batch To Hospitals.

Mumbai, India – Indian hospitals have welcomed their first batch of Ultraviolet sterilizers with open arms. Struggling with the current pandemic India now welcomes its first batch of Ultraviolet Sterilizers to step up its fight against CoronaVirus. Instant Contactless sterilization is the need of the hour for fighting this pandemic. This opportunity was grabbed by NevonSolutions Pvt Ltd – an Indian Tech Innovation company to enable India fight the CoronaVirus.

Nevonsolutions now has not one but a series of UV sterilizers – UVLizer series to fight COVID19. It is a demonstrated innovation that has been utilized to effectively deactivate virus, bacteria and microorganisms by modifying their DNA chain beyond recovery. UVLizers take into consideration simple and quick inactivation of virus, bacteria and microbes without the use of water or chemicals. Working on low power the UVLizers are incredible assets for immediate sterilization using directional UV rays. Here is the entire story by NevonSolutions founder, of the company created a series of validated & tested UV devices in times of full lockdown.

The Director at NevonSolutions – Neeraj P Sawant was stunned after observing the helpless conditions all around the world during the Corona lockdown. At that point, people had absolutely no way to win the battle against Corona virus. That was when he started research on UV-C as a Corona killer in early March for the development of UV devices in India with complete evidence of the idea. The major problem was that there was no way to sanitize things that we are in contact with as the water and synthetic compounds couldn’t be utilized on work areas, reports, gadgets, wallets, couch, bed, and much more. Also, the water wastage and chemicals cost were being squandered on streets and commercial surfaces that we never touch.

Mr. Neeraj ran over recordings of Chinese clinics where robots were being used to sterilize viruses. Under his research and advancement work, he has dealt with UV lodging cleaner machine that drove him to some extremely intriguing realities on the UV innovation that,

  • UV is performed to kill a wide range of infections in microorganisms including the novel coronavirus without the usage of any water or chemical.
  • The UV-C frequency is the most secure for people and has extremely uncommon or no chance of malignant growth.

Along with that, he figured out two problems with UV as follows:

  •  Security concerns and phony cancer news dependent on refuted realities
  •  The time required for sterilization was high

To overcome the problems, he had to do in-depth research and discovered that UV-C could only cause skin irritation and sunburns in the case if the direct exposure of high force UV at extremely short proximity for a drawn-out length is introduced. Moreover, to decrease the time needed for complete sanitization the UV power must be increased as intensity is inversely proportional to cleansing time. At that face, Mr.Neeraj and his partner Rohit Sawant began a pattern of advancement and spontaneity on UV gadgets with determined virus deactivation time according to published COVID-19 UV dosages and 100% safety and well-being highlights by providing guidelines to avoid skin issues.

Apart from confronting a ton of issues including staff unavailability in Mumbai during the lockdown, no hardware providers, no acknowledgment from government,  numerous organization attempt to duplicate and create comparative gadgets, his hard work paid off and the company made a total of 5 products of quality UV Sterilizer series and are now shipping globally.

About the Company

To help people fight against novel coronavirus, the NevonSolutions worked hard to research and started the production of UV devices which are sold in India and all around the world, in residential societies, police dept, hospitals, clinics, and in banks for ATM sterilization. They started production last week and donated their first batch to KEM and JJ hospitals and some private clinics in Mumbai.

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