Terminus Group: Spotlights on the Leading Global AI CITY and Smart Service Provider

Empty streets, quiet schools, people working from home — the global pandemic COVID-19 has stopped the world and makes people start to consider the possibility of making urban life more scientific, safe and intelligent. And maybe, AI City is the answer. Recently, Terminus Group, the new prominent global AI CITY and smart service provider, announced a new pandemic management solution, using AIoT technology to help the world win this coronavirus battle. Thanks to its mature global network, Terminus Group has delivered supplies to multiple cities in different regions of the world for fighting against the pandemic. And then it decided to go further.

Terminus Group AI CITY

As a leading global AI CITY and smart service provider, Terminus Group keenly decided to include the current global spread of COVID-19 as one of its public health management scenarios, and has released a new smart pandemic management platform for this purpose.

Terminus Group’s smart pandemic management system is based on its existing algorithms, but with detection of the atmospheric environment of its operation area, vehicle identification and marking of the surrounding key buildings (such as hospitals, communities and buildings where confirmed patients are located) and the introduction of intelligent thermal imaging systems, it could establish new service models to implement an all-scenario solution of pre-event prevention, in-event warning and post-event analysis. Relying on its AIoT technologies, Terminus Group has created time windows for pandemic prevention and therefore effectively improved the efficiency and accuracy of pandemic prevention and control, adding another evidence to show the importance of technologies in safeguarding our life.

Terminus Group is a global prominent AI City builder and innovator, has provided more than 8000 AI City and smart scene service solutions in different cities around the world. Terminus’s products and services include: smart scene services, cloud platforms, edge networks and terminal products, etc.

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