Self-dumping Hoppers Provide Many Sanitation Benefits

Self-dumping Hoppers Provide Many Sanitation Benefits

Self-dumping hoppers are used in a wide variety of settings, ranging from construction sites to foundries. They may be low-tech tools, but they offer an incredibly safe and convenient way to transport waste products. You can visit to see what they have to offer.  Read on to find out about just a few of the sanitation benefits of purchasing a high-quality, self-dumping hopper.

They’re Purpose-Built

Self-dumping hoppers are designed specifically to ensure safe handling and processing of waste materials. They feature mechanical components designed to make it easy to load, transport, and dump all kinds of materials, including toxic materials. Specialty hoppers designed for potentially dangerous applications are purpose-built to ensure operator safety as well as transport efficiency, so look for a self-dumping hopper that is designed with this purpose in mind.

They’re Versatile

Self-dumping hoppers are versatile enough to be used safely in almost any situation. Some are designed to attach to lift trucks, powered pallet lifters, or casters, while others are stationary and can be installed permanently on top of dumpsters or other storage containers. This makes it easier to transport and process waste products without compromising the facility’s sanitation procedures.

Hoppers also come in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Some feature additional safety measures like specialty lids that keep waste material contained and out of view. Others have low profiles, open sides, or front dumping options. Business owners can consult an expert about which of them will be the best fit for their unique needs.

They Require No Contact with Waste

Once self-dumping hoppers have been filled up with waste or other materials, operators don’t need to come into contact with it. They can move the hopper to its desired location, then just activate a switch that releases the bottom, front, or side of the hopper, using gravity to remove the waste. Once the hopper has finished emptying itself, the hopper will reset itself back into place using springs, and then will self-lock. When used correctly, this no-contact approach can prevent health problems.

They Can Handle Heavy Loads

Hoppers are often used at construction sites or in industrial facilities, so they’re designed to handle heavy loads. That means they can be filled to capacity without worrying about contaminating nearby areas. It’s important to ask about weight capacity and intended use when purchasing a hopper, though, as not all of them are designed to handle heavy loads of potentially dangerous or unsanitary waste.

They’re High-Visibility

Self-dumping hoppers don’t just feature safety chains, positive locking mechanisms, and welded seams. They also come in high-visibility colors like orange and blue, making it easy for workers to see where they are. Please visit for other options as well, that you may need 

No matter what application business owners have in mind, they can get the products needed from Platforms and Ladders. The group of industry professionals behind this company has years of cumulative experience in industrial maintenance handling and equipment and a passion for helping customers find the right options to suit their needs.

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