Explains The Importance of Proper Placement of a Self-Service Kiosk Machine Explains The Importance of Proper Placement of a Self-Service Kiosk Machine

Over the past ten years, self-service solutions of all varieties have been introduced. This includes everything from digital signage to outdoor and indoor kiosks, automated smart lockers, and more. In fact, these are becoming much more common across virtually all industries.

Consider this. When is the last time a person visited a significant retailer that did not offer a self-checkout option or a vital city that did not implement some type of outdoor digital signage or a quick-service restaurant (e.g., fast-food establishment) that did not boast some kind of self-service option? Chances are, it has likely been a while.

No matter when someone last used or saw a self-service solution of any type, it probably caught the attention of people passing by right when it was needed. Even if it seemed like a coincidence when it happened, the business or the organization that deployed the self-service solution probably spent a lot of time figuring out where to put it to ensure maximum visibility. According to, the placement of a kiosk is one of the top challenges that organizations and businesses face when trying to deploy these self-service booths.

Contactless temperature-checking kiosks are coming. Here’s what it’s like to use one it is likely going to replace the existing versions. With these, placement is even more critical. Some of the factors to prioritize when making this decision are listed below.

Place it in an Area Where Maximum Visibility is Present

While self-service solutions have several similarities across use cases and industries, there is not a single “most effective” recommendation when finding the right location for a kiosk. Instead, the best location is dependent on how it is being used.

If a retailer is offering a self-checkout solution, it needs to stand out as a convenient, quick, and approachable solution for customers. For visibility of a KIOSK be sure to add some secondary signage, too.

Drive More Interaction 

Along with finding a location with a high level of visibility, it is important to find self-service deployments in a location where people will be driven to interact with and use the solutions when they are needed. Be sure to click site to learn more about this.

Fit the Proper Aesthetic 

When finding the right location for a kiosk that will drive interaction and maximize visibility, it is also essential to find a location where the self-serving booth won’t become an eyesore. Self-service solutions can be created to integrate with the current look and feel of a location by using certain design elements like vinyl graphics or powder coat colors.

There is no question that a self-service booth can add quite a bit of convenience to any business or organization. Just remember the information here to put it in a location where it will actually be seen and used. Being informed and knowing where to install a kiosk is the best way to ensure that it is successful and provides the services that customers are looking for. 

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