500 Public Companies Recognised in Women’s Index – Germany

The constituents of the 2020 Women’s Index – Germany have been announced today. The Women’s Index – Germany includes 500 public companies that are listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange from around the world including Germany, the United States, Italy, the United Kingdom and Australia. The Frankfurt Stock Exchange is the largest stock exchange in Germany and Germany is the largest economy in Europe. The index is sector neutral and includes companies from all industries.

Connie L. Picos (Pikos), Founder of Women’s Index said:

“I am proud to provide clarity into sustainable investment on a global scale. It is a privilege to be the woman who created the Women’s Index – Germany. The index universe includes 500 companies across industries from Tupperware and beauty to construction, defence, finance and technology. It is wonderful to see so many leading companies from around the world demonstrating gender diversity.“ 

The Women’s Index – Germany recognises leading companies listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange that demonstrate gender diversity according to methodology developed by Connie L. Picos (Pikos) in 2014. The index includes many of the world’s greatest companies and the world’s greatest leaders. For example, Uber, Rolls Royce, Facebook and Volkswagen are included. Ethical filters were applied to exclude companies that do not meet universal ethical investment standards.  

The Women’s Index – Germany provides an independent broad market benchmark and powers sustainable investment by providing exposure to companies demonstrating diversity.

For more information please visit: www.womensindex.co

In 2014, Special Adviser, Connie launched the world’s first stock market Women’s Index. Connie was inspired to create the Women’s Index following creation of Female Fund: for profit in 2013 whilst working part-time for a healthcare technology startup. 

Since 2014, the importance of female leadership has been recognised by law in India (mandatory female director); Germany (gender quotas); and the United Kingdom (gender pay gap reporting). The importance of female representation is also recognised by business leaders, employees, investors, consumers and other decision makers. Connie has developed a series of Women’s Indexes including New Zealand, Australia, India, Canada, Brazil, Africa and Germany. Each index has a total market capitalisation ranging from around $50 billion to around $1 trillion.  

Women’s Index – Germany caters to a growing trend of stakeholders integrating sustainability considerations into investment and other business decisions.

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