WPOS-3 Passes Mastercard Paypass Test, Breaking down both Visa and Mastercard International Certification Barriers

Recently, Beijing Wiseasy Technology Co.,Ltd announced that its WPOS-3, an Internet-based POS, has passed the Mastercard Contactless Reader Approval Test, which is a new milestone for the company in its certification progress of the international card organizations, after its products passed the Visa Paywave Approval Test, Indian Rupay test and Brazilian Abecs test. Passing the test marks that the company has successfully broken down Visa and Mastercard international certification barriers in 2018, and it also indicates that Wiseasy products have met the latest international non-connection fast trading standards, laying a solid technical foundation for business intelligence terminals to go into a broader international markets.

High security and simple operation of Paypass technology

Paypass is a wireless payment technology introduced by MasterCard International Organization. On the surface, this technology is similar to that of ordinary contactless IC cards, but Paypass actually has a new technical meaning. Paypass integrates traditional smart card functions with the non-contact standard ISO-14443 radio frequency technology, and uses chip, password and radio frequency technology to implement non-contact payment applications. With the support of these technologies, the cardholder can complete the traditional bank transaction with a single wave of the bank card in front of a dedicated contactless card reader (POS). The feature is that credit authorization and credit transactions can be completed without contact with the credit card printer, which will effectively decrease the chance of credit card fraud. 

In addition, Paypass also has features that traditional IC cards do not have. For example, IC card cannot be directly traded with the bank backstage system, which needs to be transferred to the bank through transactions such as ring deposit and ring withdrawal. However, Paypass card can be directly associated with the bank background like a magnetic stripe card.

Technical strength passing more than 2000 severe tests

Based on powerful technology innovation ability of Mastercard organization, Paypass technology is comprehensive and easy to use, which makes Paypass test the most difficult card organization certification in the industry.

The Paypass authentication test is divided into Performance Test, Level 2 Test, Integration Test, Combination Test. Level 2 Test is the transaction function test, which requires to pass more than 2000 test cases, and the other three are transaction performance related tests, in terms of the transaction speed and communication distance. This certification not only proves the technical strength of Wiseasy, but also enables Mastercard users worldwide to obtain high quality payment experience on Wiseasy terminals.

By overcoming technical difficulties one after another and passing through the certifications of many authoritative international organizations, Wiseasy has been in line with the international payment norms and standards, which will help the company to develop a global vision. In the future, Wiseasy will continue to integrate with more local service market norms and practice a boarder international strategy.

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