Divorce Coach Can Help Anyone Who Is Going Through A Breakup

Deborah Beylus runs South Florida Mediation Services and has mediated thousands of divorces.

Hiring a Divorce Coach has become as much of a Hollywood trend as appointing a wedding planner, with the likes of Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian, Stevie Wonder, and Maria Shriver all looking for support to get out of their unhappy marriages.

Many couples are forced to undergo mediation before their divorce cases are heard in court and using a divorce coach to help this process is proving to be a highly successful approach to gain a peaceful resolution to a breakup.

Deborah Beylus, from South Florida Mediation Services, has more than 15 years of experience in the area. She said that most people do not know where to start with sorting out their affairs when they are faced with separation, so a Divorce Coach helps them to make sense of every aspect of the situation.

Deborah has revealed her top 10 reasons why a Divorce Coach for the end of a marriage is as essential as a wedding planner when starting.

  1. Saving clients time and money in the long run as they know the system, they understand what has to be done, they know the processes that need to be undertaken and they know how to approach situations to gain a positive outcome for both parties
  2. Support with hiring legal and other professionals
  3. Helping clients to stay focused on emotional mediation sessions and creating clarity in a particular area of the divorce before making an offer or a decision that will impact their future
  4. Organizing and preparing the necessary paperwork
  5. Providing advice and support in the run-up to and during mediation sessions
  6. Setting up parenting plans
  7. Reducing conflict
  8. Career transition coaching and support
  9. Rebuilding every aspect of life after divorce
  10. Dating after divorce.

Deborah Beylus said: “Divorce can be devastating, confusing, complicated, and overwhelming as most people have never been through it before. A divorce coach is someone who can bring clarity, hope, and support to an extremely difficult situation. The key to a good divorce coach is to stay neutral, but use techniques to help the two different parties to navigate their way through their issues.

“Yes, Divorce Coaches have probably been made famous by celebrity splits, but a Divorce Coach can help anyone who is going through a breakup and needs someone to help guide and support them through every aspect of the process.

“Many people may question why they should appoint a Divorce Coach if they also have to pay for a lawyer. Having an experienced professional help a couple be efficient and organized with the divorce process, and then find their way through difficult negotiations and emotional aspects of the situation, can ensure matters are resolved swiftly and amicably,“ she added.

About South Florida Mediation Services

Deborah Beylus runs South Florida Mediation Services and has mediated thousands of divorces. She has more than 30 years of experience in finance and banking and she has a certification in Divorce Financial Analysis. Deborah is also a Certified Family Mediator and a Certified Circuit Civil Media. 

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