When Famous Paintings Turn Into Decorations For Masks, China’s “Isolation Art Exhibition” Becomes Attentive


Taiyuan, China – When masks come to the necessity, how to be creative? Because of the COVID-19, masks have become standard item for daily life. When going out, everyone could be covered with white and blue medical masks. As a weapon against viruses, in fact, masks can also be very artistic. Actually, this idea has become popular in China recently.


The Fashionwalk Shopping Center, a well-known commercial center in Shanxi Province of China, using masks as the carrier, then cooperates with the TRENDS Art Museum to re-create famous paintings of French impressionist artist Claude Monet. In this way, everyone can become a kind of walking art exhibition. Organizers said they hoped wearing these masks would make people feel happy and comfortable during the epidemic. Certainly, this practice has received a lot of favorable comments. Compared with the monotonous blue and white masks, Monet mask is not only a fashion accessory but also a souvenir after the epidemic.

In addition, The Fashionwalk Shopping Center also collaborated with the TRENDS Art Museum to create the first commercial space combining impressionist art elements. Large-scale paintings are integrated with wisteria, flowers and green plants. The scenes in the 19th century’s “Monet Garden” and Monet’s famous paintings are restored in good detail. Through immersive creative design, the colorful colors and artistic charm of Monet’s works are fully displayed, bringing color and sunshine to the gray world of the epidemic The integration of artistic culture and humanistic care has transmitted the positive energy of “love and rebirth” and promoted the recovery of the market economy. As soon as the exhibition started, there was an upsurge in Shanxi.



At this moment, COVID-19 is still the main topic of daily life. Though China has just completed the first step in the fight against the epidemic, many countries around the world have entered a state of emergency. No matter where people are, the fate of all countries in the world is linked more and more closely. Fashionwalk Shopping Center hopes to demonstrate the corporate responsibility and international vision through these creations and then support the global fight against the epidemic.


About Fashionwalk Shopping Center

A Landmark Commercial Property in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, China.

Fashionwalk Shopping Center always pay attention to art, as well as promote the development of art. The goal is to building a multi-state commercial center.

In 2016, the first joint exhibition of original prints by famous domestic artists was held, and L’IMPATTO: Collision of Da Vinci Renaissance and Contemporary Art was held. Da Vinci’s Authentic Works First Appeared in Taiyuan, Exploring the Renaissance.

In 2017, Beijing Xinshi Reliance Commerce Co., Ltd cooperates with the contemporary artist Song Chen to exhibit the ‘Noble Cherry’ works of art in Fashionwalk Shopping Center.

In 2018, the first landing of the Forbidden City Cultural Exhibition Shanxi Exhibition.

In 2018, The Ideal Home photography exhibition, the first photography exhibition to create an immersive art experience space.

In 2019, collaborated with Tobias Rehberger, the artist who won the Golden Lion Award in Venice, they hold’ If you don’t use your eyes to see, you will use them to cry’ Exhibition.

Fashionwalk Shopping Center is committed to innovating, so that the mall is not only a place for shopping, but also a space for art exhibitions and a carrier of fashion events. They devote to refresh the shopping mall mode by creating trend culture constantly.

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