Online Marketing Promotes The International Presence of Ningbo as a Living Fossil of the Maritime Silk Road

Ningbo Tourism has been promoting the image of Ningbo as the “One Belt, One Road” hub city, to enhance the quality of Ningbo tourism and culture. According to the characteristics of the post epidemic market, this year’s overseas promotion strategy has been shifted from offline to online, and Ningbo Tourism’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other overseas media platforms have been actively used to continue promotion momentum, and to expand Ningbo’s international communication influence.

First, there will be the online tour of “Maritime Silk Road Ningbo, and its link to the international metropolises.” This will include inviting hosts from world famous international cities such as Tokyo, Seoul, London and Sofia to do livestream broadcasts online about Ningbo, and to share cultural differences and travel strategies for those from their cultures. The cloud online marketing is going to make full use of the world famous city’s influence to help promote Ningbo’s international tourism brand as The Maritime Silk Road’s Living Fossil.

The second is to take advantage of hot event marketing such as the 2020 Ningbo investment and trade cloud fair, and the CEECCentral and Eastern European countriescommodity cloud exhibition being held in June. There will be interviews with CEEC businessmen and overseas students about how they see Ningbo from their cultural point of view. Their interviews will be broadcast through Yongpai (Ningbo’s local news app), Facebook, and other social media. This will show off Ninbo’s destination image to Chinese and foreign fans from a unique perspective, and enhance the cultural and tourism interaction between Ningbo and CEEC countries.

Other video marketing strategies will also be employed to give a unique perspective of Ningbo. Such as, inviting overseas KOLs to Ningbo to make Travel Experience Vlogs, creating a short documentary about a Japanese athlete who settled down in Ningbo, and producing a Vlog series about a South Korean Mother and Son who are traveling in Ningbo together. These will largely be targeted at the Japanese and South Korean markets. There will also be an interactive animated video series about scenic spots, such as Tianyi Pavilion and Baoguo temple. This overall video marketing plan presents Ningbo well from many different angles, on multiple media channels and in a variety of languages.

To top it all off will be the enhanced marketing related to inbound websites. Such as, boosting the development and operation of the inbound tourism network, YOUGUIDE. This site can be used to fully tap into the characteristics of Ningbo’s tourism resources, enrich personalized inbound tourism products, expand the online promotional channels for Ningbo tourism, and prepare for the recovery of overseas markets in the next year.

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