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In this Digital era, Influencer marketing has become the talk of the town. In a layman language, it can be said that Influencer Marketing is a way to promote and sell products and services through social media influencers. They are people who are active on social media and thus influence people to buy a particular brand product rather than targeting the market as a whole.

Nekoztek is one of those Social media influencers who cover the gaming space as well as the emerging new technologies like the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

Nekoztek works as a gamer influencer and is an E-sports specialist thus influencing people towards this niche in the market. Given the billions of revenue, gaming generates, the number of people consuming this type of entertainment, and the gamer’s demographic, marketers should engage in this form of advertising in 2020. In today’s setting, the best gaming influencer marketing strategy through is sure to help your brand win big. In today’s era, there is rarely any person who has never tried installing or playing a game on their mobile or computer devices. Whether it is action, puzzle, educational, or simulation games or any other the gaming industry has never been out of trend for consumers whether they are young or old. For this reason, investing in gaming influencer marketing is one of the top trends brands are keeping in mind for 2020.

NekozTek is also a Social Influencer, Media Rockstar, FinTech Commentator, and is associated with many Brands like Noble 5, Radiance Gaming, and Titan Ventures. Three of them cover different niches and technology. Nekoz tech principles in this influencer Marketing is being Guided by

  1. Growth 

High powered brands, powered by emerging platforms, are the keys to success, and NekozTek is exemplary at spotting markets and trends early as compared to other influencers.


Globally raised, with university roots as a former D1 athlete, Zhi Ko has extensive experience with overseas businesses and hence can relate to the emerging Blockchain and the cryptocurrency market.

  1. VISON

Zhi Ko sees the world through the lens of rose glasses because he spots opportunities everywhere. Focusing on what’s important in business, as well as in life. Zhi seeks to work with top professionals, upcoming brands, and established organizations.

Today billions of revenue can be generated through the Influencer marketing strategy. As the number of people influenced through this type of entertainment, and the influencer’s demographic, is making marketers engage themselves in this form of advertising in 2020. In today’s world setting the best influencer marketing strategy through is sure to help your brand win big. 

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