‘Premium Chat’ Given Trademark Status by US Trademark & Patent Office

‘Premium Chat’ Given Trademark Status by US Trademark & Patent Office
Paid Chat Software Company Premium.Chat Secures Trademark for Term ‘Premium Chat’

June 11, 2020 – Greenvale, New York – The United States Trademark and Patent Office has granted Premium.Chat the trademark for the term ‘Premium Chat‘. Since its launch in July 2019, Premium.Chat has become a leader in the paid chat billing niche. This innovative platform supports users including social media influencers, coaches, consultants, and a wide range of paid chat providers.

Premium.Chat is built around a secure web-based messaging platform. The company recently rolled out a major upgrade to support paid video chat, alongside the pre-existing text chat feature. As founder, Michael Szerencsy, explains, Premium.Chat is fast becoming the go-to solution for influencers and professionals delivering paid chat services:

‘A number of businesses claim to offer a way to get paid to chat. But their users are often told when to work, who to chat with, and what to charge. There’s no flexibility and no independence.’

‘Unlike many platforms, Premium.Chat supports choice. Our users can build a profile on our site and share links across their social media accounts, or they can integrate our paid chat widget into their own websites. Either way, they have control over their services, prices, and branding.’

‘Right now, we’re experiencing a spike in interest from influencers seeking new ways to monetize social media followers. We’re also onboarding life coaches, mentors, professional consultants – the range of new users is almost limitless.’

Szerencsy believes flexibility is the key to Premium.Chat’s success: ‘Our month-on-month growth reflects this focus on choice and independence. Influence.co recently recognized us in their CreatorScape 2020 list of influencer software companies, and when people think of premium chat services, they now think of Premium.Chat. That’s why securing this trademark meant so much to us.’

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