A new scientifically proven invention claims it can end the need for social distancing

They are raising money to help fund this invention that has the potential to end social distancing requirments.

For more information, visit: https://youtu.be/NyrGUZH2zmg

We need the funding for:

• Materials
• Manufacturing equipment
• Warehouse
• To hire employees
• Further Medical Research

This invention was also made by the same guy who made the open air discover, proof of which as well as all his work can be seen on his twitter account.

For more information, visit: https://twitter.com/shazbizcoach

Al Hafeeth Shield uses the latest proven advances in research science that mitigate virus spread and increase the safety of eyes, ears, nose and mouth to reduce the need for social distancing. The copper filter is designed as dual layer with 5 copper pillar points on black fabric materials to allow safe breathing. It reduces spread both outward and inward. Copper has protonic charge properties that attack viruses. This research has been studied for 20 years.

Through this project, more research will also be done into similar materials and methods to increase effectiveness further. Virus proteins are also unable to move through layers of fabric; hence the filter is made up of both copper combined with dual layer dual protection fabric that protects from any virus getting in or out of the shield. The ionisation/oxidisation of copper by way of breathing also release micro spores (less than 0.3mg) into the respiratory system that can also have positive effects in reducing the effects of the virus by eliminating it at the source.

It is important to eliminate the virus at the source of spread, to reduce the chances of being infected. This is much simpler, better and quicker than making a vaccine because it stops the virus before it affects the body; a vaccine only works after the body is infected. Better to tackle just the complications of the virus without the added complications of the human body.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/NyrGUZH2zmg

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