Path of Exile 3.11 Harvest League Full Content Released On June 19

Path of Exile 3.11 Harvest League Full Content Released On June 19

POE Delirium league challenge is nearing an end, and the developer Grinding Gear Games has also released details of the next update, lasting for about three months, reminding the exiles to gear up for the June update.

The new expansion of POE is named Harvest, which requires players to plant seeds in the garden, but it’s not fruits or plants that are harvested, but dangerous monsters. Not only that, you also need to fight them and get what you want from them.

In Harvest, it introduces new skills and mechanism to play, similar to the system of farming and crafting to obtain resources. In a garden called Sacred Grove, your task is to seek out seeds, plant them, grow into various monsters, and finally destroy them in person.

League Mechanic

You could find the Seed Cache in every area you explore, which yields the tier-1 seeds to plant, and after killing the grown monsters, they will also spawn a higher tier of seeds, allowing you to continue planting and kill monsters, which is the league mechanic of Harvest. With such a changeable league mechanic, this would definitely bring interesting gameplay.

The monsters killed by you can provide Lifeforce for you to make recipes, that is, you can customize the combat completely according to the characters’ ability and the rewards you seek. It is necessary to plant more types of seeds in order to get more Lifeforce.

Compared to the previous expansions, this is a simplified league, even low-level players have the same opportunity to obtain advanced equipment by planting monsters. What’s more, various in-game resources, such as currency items can be gained within the game and will not be affected by previous external resources. So this is also a good update for someone who just wants to start playing Path of Exile.


Lifeforce is definitely one of the most important elements in Harvest league, and it will be used as a crafting resource for players to build different valuable items. Each monster you kill can grant you a crafting option, and crafting will consumers Lifeforce as materials and potential.

When it comes to potential, it would appear in any stage of the game to craft, letting players be able to access better resources and rewarding quests with less grind, as well as gaining more opportunities to gather up XP and accumulate valuable currency for more advanced equipment.

This has not yet been determined, how much Lifeforce will drop from the monsters, how much Lifeforce is needed for crafting, and how long it takes to plant different types of monsters, but we can’t understand much through a trailer, but the only certainty is that this farming mechanism will generate much more chances to grind currency than before.

The garden

Seeds in the garden can be obtained from the seed caches or dropped from grown monsters, and some can grow spontaneously, but the Lifeforce created by exotic seeds can be gathered with various pipes, condensers and dispersers to fertilise the garden.

Change and improvement

As always, it makes changes and improvements in many aspects throughout Path of Exile 3.11.

First of all, there is some rework in Brands, Slam Skills and Warcries.

To make it more versatile, the Brand skills have been reworked a lot, along with three new Brands to add, which is much different from the past ones. At present, Brand Recall no longer reigns supreme but is a useful tool alongside many new options. These three new Brands are Arcanist, Penance and Wintertide.

Arcanist brand casts linked spells while activating, and the Penance brand would spread to nearby enemies damage gradually, upon being removed from the target, it detonates dealing massive damage. While Wintertide brand could increase cold damage over time to the attached target, dealing more damage the longer it is attached.

Slam Skills are granted larger AoE, higher damage numbers and more reliable mechanics, along with larger AoE for number of endurance charges. It also added a new slam skill called Earthshatter, which could send out five damaging fissures in all directions when slamming the ground.

When it comes to Warcries, it surrounds with a variety of skills, including Enduring cry, Intimidating cry, Ancestral cry, Seismic cry, Infernal cry and more, each of which would grant the character more damage ability and XP gained.

What’s more, Harvest also made changes in Passive Skill tree, allowing for a ton of build diversity and many entirely new builds, along with new notable clusters, which could grant the skill tree more buff.

It is worth noting that the newly added items include crafting options, new skills, support gems, equipment and weapons, Brand, as well as unique items in the June expansion.

POE 3.11 Harvest is set to launch on June 19 PC, and June 24 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, until then, we could have a look at full content of it.

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