PowerThinking Corp makes Phone-based Training on “Resilience in Tough Times” Available

PowerThinking Corp makes Phone-based Training on "Resilience in Tough Times" Available

Philadelphia, PA – PowerThinking Corp (PTC), a global human development firm, is inviting members of the public to a weekly call called “Resilience in Tough Times.” 

On the group calls, we go over the University of Pennsylvania, evidenced-based strategies for adopting a positive attitude in difficult times. There is no charge for the calls.  PTC offers them a way to be of service. “This work has helped me and many others in our business and personal lives,” said Stan Greene, President & CEO of PowerThinking Corp.  “We want to give people the skills to do well during these trying times.”

Mr. Greene has conducted this training for multiple clients, including media giant Comcast, and insurance leader Aflac. 

The 30-minute call is conducted by phone each Wednesday, 7:30 am ET, and 9:30 pm ET. Stan Greene leads the training that includes a weekly review of the 7 Skills of Resilience and the 7 Inner Strengths. It also includes commentary by some of its call participants, which adds to the learning experience.

The training, which is a review of the 7 Inner Strengths and the 7 Skills of Resilience, will help participants to improve their inner strengths and develop their positive mindsets. They will be taught how they can change the way they think about situations, people, and the world, to positively influence their choices and the outcomes of their decisions.

The call-in phone number is +1 720-740-9043 (no access code needed), or join online by using this link

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