Learn How To Earn: Kid Millionaire E-Learning Course Teaches School-Aged Children Fiscal Responsibility, Financial Prosperity

June 18th, 2020 – If there’s one thing that’s sorely lacking from school curriculums, that’s teaching finances – but now that can soon become a thing of the past, thanks to the introduction of one innovative educational program that’s here to help put youngsters on a path to financial prosperity and success. That program is none other than the Kid Millionaire E-Learning Course, which, applying the innovative educational methods developed by Ms. Xe’rnona Woods, a Chicagoan teacher, instills solid financial concepts into scholars’ minds, and allows them to develop lifelong habits that will bring them financial health and prosperity.

“The statistics are staggering” said Ms Woods. “86% percent of the scholars within Chicago are experiencing poverty. Well over 57% of Americans don’t have an emergency fund, and live paycheck to Monday.”

She continued “None is teaching at the elementary level, middle school, and at most high schools about entrepreneurship or finances. My goal is to teach, through the Kid Millionaire E-Learning Course, about the variety of money personalities, and to further scholars’ minds to review who they are and why they behave a certain way when it comes to money. The course aims to help scholars understand the root cause of why some people don’t connect well with money, and provide them with the blueprint they need to forge a lasting and prosperous habits with regards to the way they handle their finances throughout their lives.”

The Kid Millionaire E-Learning Course features eight thought-provoking lessons comprised of 64 sections; quizzes for each lesson, and a downloadable 30 Kid Millionaire Challenge calendar that inspires the scholar to unlearn to relearn new ways of actionable thinking that brings about tangible results. Additionally, scholars participating in the Course receive a downloadable Magic Words Journal that allows them to learn to write from the present tense about their financial desires, preparations and plans.

The Kid Millionaire E-Learning Course is complemented by the Kid Millionaire Academy, which, along with the Kid Millionaire Wealth Building Classroom Kit, offers a holistic teaching experience which both educates and inspires scholars to reach their full financial management potential.

“We encourage schools and parents who want to educate and empower their children to think differently in the realm of finances and success to find out more about our educational suite and see for themselves how the Kid Millionaire E-Learning Course, Academy and Wealth Building Classroom Kit can enhance scholars’ school experience by offering them invaluable life skills.”

Ms. Woods recently spoke about the Kid Millionaire E-Learning Course on a segment of Good Day Chicago on Fox 32, titled “Kid Millionaire Program Teaches Financial Literacy To Kids”.

To learn more about the Kid Millionaire E-Learning Course, please visit: https://kid-millionaire.teachable.com/

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