Author Arnold V Page’s Books Available Online

Author Arnold V Page's Books Available Online
The truth about God, Science and the Bible, and where the world is heading.

Arnold V Page’s latest book, God, Science and the Bible, addresses the big questions of the existence of God as creator, the scientific evidence of how the earth came into existence, and what if any is the purpose of our life. Packed into 167 pages he examines the origin of the solar system and life on earth, the fossil record, radioactive dating, and the age of ancient trees, showing how all these support rather than deny the Bible’s teaching on creation. He then demonstrates the general truth of the Bible through fulfilled prophecy, the historical evidence for Jesus Christ’s resurrection, and some remarkable stories of his own experiences of God’s reality. God, Science and the Bible is highly recommended for anyone who wants to know if God is real or whether there is any purpose in human existence. It is also a fabulous resource for Christians and people of other faiths who believe in God as creator and want to know why scientific ideas seem to contradict this. The book ends with teaching on God’s promised new earth and how to obtain a place in it.

“It is extremely well researched, drawing on an ambitious breadth of sources and authorities, both spiritual and secular, and is underpinned by an evangelistic drive for which the author makes no apology.” – Rosemary Alcock, BA, PGCE

“Mr Page writes in an informative and easy style, constantly challenging readers with direct questions, prompting them to think deeply about what is being said. I was particularly impressed by his arguments on the origin of life.  I would highly recommend the book to anyone interested in perhaps the biggest question of all, “Who is God and what difference does that make to me?” – Phil Barnett, BSc, ARCS

“Informative and life-changing.” – Edith Wairimu,

Order Arnold V Page’s God, Science and the Bible from Amazon. It can be purchased on Kindle ($2.99) and in paperback ($7.99).

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How and when will the world as we know it come to an end?

The COVID-19 pandemic is making us all question again the future of human life on earth. Could the Bible be right in prophesying that such worldwide plagues will precede Christ’s imminent return? In Z: The Final Generation Bible former research scientist and Bible teacher Arnold V Page unlocks Biblical prophecy to demonstrate convincingly that the current generation Z will see the return of Jesus Christ in power as the saviour of the world.

“A fresh and well-researched interpretation of the Second Coming of Christ, Z: The Final Generation will make readers question their faith and embrace the excitement of an encounter with Jesus. It’s a gift of faith, one that should be read and passed on.” Romuald Dzemo,

Order Arnold V Page’s Z: The Final Generation from Amazon. It can be purchased on Kindle ($5.05) and in paperback ($18.24).

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Where we have come from and where we are going

Z: Answers for the Final Generation answers many of the hardest but most important questions for anyone who believes in the God of the Bible. Was the world really created only 6000 years ago? Was there a universal flood? Was Jesus mistaken in saying he would return in the lifetime of his hearers? Will those who die without a belief in Jesus be tormented for ever? Where will believers spend eternity: in heaven or on a newly created earth? And if we do live for ever, won’t we get bored?

“For those who want a challenge or want to use it in a discussion group, this would be a fantastic book.” – Darin Godby,

Order Arnold V Page’s Z: Answers for the Final Generation from Amazon. It can be purchased on Kindle ($7.91) and in paperback ($17.95).

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Arnold V Page is a retired Methodist and Evangelical Church minister, as well as a former senior engineer specializing in timber engineering research. He is a professional member of the Institute of Wood Science and the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining.

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