Expo 2020 Western China Ceramics held in Jiajiang, Sichuan

The porcelain Trade Fair of Western China 2020 was held in Jiajiang County, Sichuan Province from June 12th to 13th, with the theme of “Green and New Technologies in Ceramics Production of Jiajiang”.

The porcelain Trade Fair of Western China 2020 was held in Jiajiang County, Sichuan Province from June 12th to 13th, with the theme of “Green and New Technologies in Ceramics Production of Jiajiang”. Sponsored by China Building Ceramics and Sanitary-ware Association and undertaken by Jiajiang Western Porcelain Capital Ceramics Association, the Ceramics Exposition awarded for the first time both the “Top ten Star Ceramics Enterprises in Jiajiang, the porcelain capital of Western China” and the “Top Ten Excellent ceramics Dealers in Jiajiang, the porcelain capital of Western China”.

There are a total of 44 high quality ceramic enterprises in addition to supporting enterprises, distributors, and brand merchants attending the exhibition. At the sub-venue of the Jiajiang Economic Development Zone, the exhibition content covers more than 10,000 varieties of fine ceramics, cultural and artistic ceramics, sanitary ware, etc. At the same time, the ceramic Fair also displays ceramic raw materials, ceramic machinery and other supporting products for online and in-store purchase.

The ceramic trade fair taking place, is another important milestone in the development of Jiajiang ceramics, focusing on past achievements, as well as showing the direction of future developments to come. To further develop Jiajiang ceramics, dealers boosting market confidence in the influence of ceramics, will play a crucial role.

More than 30 years ago, when Jiajiang lit the first kiln fire, the ceramic industry which was sparked became a widespread industry. With the support of city government and the county government, the Ceramics industry became Jiajiang’s first major industry, becoming well known as the beautiful porcelain capital of Jiajiang. It created many new jobs for locals. Because of the Ceramics Industry, the locals found a way to balance natural resources and human industry.

Because of the Ceramics Industry, the Nuclear, porcelain, paper, tea, and new materials industries have developed around it. Because of the Ceramics Industry, a number of entrepreneurs, managers and skilled workers have been trained. Because of the Ceramics Industry, a large number of private enterprises have been established and more than 3,000 enterprises and 19,000 individual industrial and commercial households in the county have been vigorously developed. Thanks to the Ceramics Industry, 150,000 migrant workers have led a well-off life.

During the Ceramics Trade Fair, a summit forum was held on the development of the ceramics industry. Experts and scholars offered suggestions and advice on how to restart the ceramics industry during the COVID-19 epidemic, on the development and prospects of the ceramics industry, how to take Jiajiang ceramics enterprises to a new level, and the comprehensive utilization of shale resources in Jiajiang. Chengdu Railway Bureau and Jiajiang County People’s Government have signed the road and land strategic cooperation agreement; Jingdezhen Ceramics University, College of Engineering of Chengdu University of Technology, Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, and Jiajiang County People’s Government have signed cooperation agreements on local institute cooperation and industrial research institutes. Sheng shi dong fang, Xin Zhong Yuan, Milano, Sophia, Jian Hui and other ceramic businesses have signed project investment and trade cooperation agreements with local companies and dealers. Foshan Ceramics Association and Jiajiang Western Ceramics Association have signed a trade investment and regional cooperation agreement, the results of which will be translated into real investment, trade and cooperation.

Jiajiang has thrived because of porcelain and prosperity, because of porcelain and notoriety. With the support of local government and ceramic entrepreneurs working hard at Jiajiang ceramics for 30 years of market endeavors, realized from scratch, from weak to strong, like a butterfly’s metamorphosis, built one of the five major building ceramic production bases.

Until now, Jiajiang county has a total of 60 ceramic enterprises, 84 production lines, and 450 million square meters of annual production capacity. Ceramic production of Jiajiang accounted for 77% of the province’s ceramic production, 38% of Western China’s ceramics, and 7% of the national Ceramic production. The ceramics produced cover all kinds of high-grade floor tiles for walls of inside and outside, large plates, ceramic tiles, sanitary wares, permeable brick, tile, etc., a carbon fiber heating floor ceramic developed recently, graphene ceramics, and art ceramics. These high valued products show the Jiajiang ceramic industry transforming and upgrading ceramic pottery and porcelain with a culture of science and technological innovation. Taking advantage of the Ceramic Trade Fair, Jiajiang ceramics workers have been firmly determined to continue economic development by creating green and intelligent ceramic features, making ceramics industrial businesses better and stronger, and constantly improving the brand awareness of Jiajiang, the porcelain capital of western China. They strive to achieve 50 billion yuan of market value by 2022. 

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