Lip Service – Featuring the First Oral Beauty Box

Lip Service - Featuring the First Oral Beauty Box
Brilliant Bar™ Beauty Box presented by MOD Mouth

New York, NewYork – MOD Mouth is excited to announce the launch of their deluxe Brilliant Bar Beauty Box subscription for women for just $55.00 and free shipping. Brilliant BarBeauty Box is a deluxe first of it’s kind oral beauty care subscription for women – www.Brilliant Bar Beauty Brilliant Bar Beauty Box helps women discover their ultimate beauty arsenal and transformational smile.

Brilliant Bar Beauty Box delivers Beauty & Lifestyle Oral & Lip Products to Subscribers’ front doors quarterly and delivers the best in lip beauty and lifestyle products to subscribers. From lip plumpers, lip balm, lip stick, lip liners to lip exfoliation, anti aging lip cream and teeth whitening including other lifestyle categories.

Brilliant Bar Beauty Box curates an assortment of products that appeal to women. The Brilliant Bar Beauty Box experience comes full circle featuring oral beauty inside and out. 

MOD Mouth founders personally understood the frustration of many women who just don’t only want to apply great lip color but also want to ensure they have a great smile and teeth to match. “Our goal is to make it convenient for women in DIY Oral Beauty and to help simplify the search & discovery process with our unique Brilliant Bar Beauty Box“ says Dr. Steven Davidowitz, Co-Founder of MOD Mouth. “We searched through the abundance of lip care products in the marketplace to save our subscribers time and money.”

The first Brilliant Bar Beauty Box will also include a MOD Mouth VIP Membership {good towards a complimentary at-home impression kit (value $49.99)} and $100 off MOD Mouth clear aligners, a MOD Mouth Whitening Kit customized to help you get your teeth aligned and bright is also included.

In our first edition we’ve partnered with Vermillion Cosmetics revolutionizing the Dental and Beauty Communities around the world! The Vermillion Cosmetics LiPro™ System will rejuvenate your lips to their healthy, natural state by using our three clinical steps. LiPro™ is a progression of three phases; Exfoliate your Lips, then Condition your Pout, and Hydrate your Smile!

Brilliant Bar Beauty Box is all about beauty inside and out. To inspire subscribers, the Brilliant Bar Beauty Box highlights women who exude beauty, through confidence, grace and optimism with the perfect smile.

ABOUT Brilliant Bar™ Beauty Box

Brilliant Bar™ Beauty Box is a deluxe first of it’s kind oral beauty™ care subscription for women www.Brilliant Bar Beauty Our Subscription Brilliant Bar™ Beauty Box is an effective marketing tool for beauty and lifestyle brands to promote their products and target potential new customers. Our subscribers try the samples or full size products in their homes and if they like them, they can purchase a brand’s products in the Brilliant Bar™ Beauty Box Shop via a link directly to their website.


MOD Mouth is a family story of two successful aesthetic dentists who decided to approach smiles in a different way. After years of working together in their successful cosmetic practices in Brooklyn and Manhattan, father and son doctors Gary and Steven Davidowitz discovered a way to help more people smile with confidence. They created a new approach to help people achieve the smile of their dreams, this is how MOD Mouth Brilliant Barwas created.

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