Actor and Phenom Devin Sran Inspires Others with his Unique Style and Mature Mindset

Actor and Phenom Devin Sran Inspires Others with his Unique Style and Mature Mindset

Laguna Hills, CA – I am sure at time or another as children we have all looked up in the sky and tried to count the millions of stars which God hung one by one. I am sure these thoughts have crossed the minds of every young child on how the stars shine so bright and why some stars are much different than rest. Then you have children act like their favorite cartoon characters. As children we grow up dreaming about fame and fortune on television. We look up to celebrity personalities. Thousands upon thousands stand in line for hours for movie auditions.

Some children watch things happen, while some make this happen. I say this to say that while many give up Devin Sran kept going until he realized his dream. He has appeared on shows such as Power Rangers, Sesame Street, High School Musical, Barney and Friends and the voice personality for Sponge Bob.

Devin Sran born on 12/21/02 in beautiful Laguna Hills, CA. Devin has an array of passions including photography, weight training, tennis, swimming, and basketball. His passion spreads way beyond acting. Devin thrives on helping others. You can find Devin volunteering for many different charities.

While teens seem to be distracted with daily activities which have little or no value. Devin chose a different path. His knowledge expands into the financial sector to high end automobiles and sports memorabilia. Devin’s follows the motto “A mind in motion, stays open to new aspirations”. Success is a chose not a hand me down. Devin’s mind was made up at an early age. Success does not come easy says this charismatic star. Devin tells us while his friends were glued down on computers and video games Devin was perfecting his acting skills.

Success comes with a price says Devin. While research tells us persistence beats resistance. Devin proved to his 100k+ Instagram followers, a good work ethic still goes a long way. Devin always tells his world-wide followers do not let others determine nor detect your success. Success comes with sacrifices says this teen phenom. While teens today are occupied with things of little or no value. Devin chose a different course. Devin’s willingness to move ahead of the crowded field as kept him level minded and humble.

Devin’s mindset and discipline has led him to speaking engagements within the respected teen communities. We asked Devin Sran whether he will pursue movie roles in the future, and we received a very refined answer. Devin Stated, “I take life one day at a time”. As we continue to follow the life of Devin Sran, we look forward to seeing him on the mega stage once again. This 17-year-old has inspired many with his unique style, humbleness, no quit mentality and mature mindset. Whether Devin sees fit to step on stage once again or not. He has taught us many life lessons which teens should follow as a rule of thumb. We all know Success is not handed to us in a silver platter. Devin Sran has proven to the world, hard work coupled with discipline will help one achieve greater results then he or she ever imagined.

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