GoTen’s Big Data Research Backs Top Trending Dropshipping Product Recommendations

In the waves of sold-outs of its many products, especially those in promotions, GoTen Dropshipping Platform attracts more and more registered users. Meanwhile, quite a lot of online sellers have tasted the sweetness of GoTen’s big data-based product research and achieved hot sales amid the coronavirus spread.

Free Weekly Product Recommendations to All Members

As its dropshipping business grows, to provide more customers with practical product recommendations, GoTen is about to offer free weekly recommendations on top trending products to all GoTen members via email.

This service aims to address the difficulty in product research and save tons of time for small- and medium-sized dropshipping businesses.

Meanwhile, the recommendations are accessible in a dedicated section – “Trending Products“; therefore, available for all visitors to GoTen Blog.

Unprecedented Engagement in the Recommendation on June 16

The product recommendation targets a variety of dropshipping niches, and all recommended new arrivals are readily available in GoTen’s US/UK warehouses.

This issue of product recommendation was sent on June 16, promoting the shocks, garden fence, makeup organizer, jewelry box, ice machine, outdoor oven, cat tree, door & window rain guard, camping table, outdoor sofa, and more.

According to statistics, so far, 1 out of 5 GoTen members show interest in these potential best-sellers because products are the major concerns in dropshipping. In particular, UK users account for 50.6% of interested users. In comparison, US users rank the second, registering 30.5%.

GoTen’s Another Featured Value-Added Service

More specifically, at present, over 1,00 new arrivals come out on every month. Although all new arrivals reflect the latest trends in dropshiping, only 1 out of 3 is recommended to ensure the greatest potentials of growth.

Platform Top Sellers, Monthly Best Sellers, Clearance, diverse promotional events are GoTen’s competitive advantages, and the weekly recommendation of top trending dropshipping products is the latest featured value-added service of the leading dropshipping wholesale supplier in China.

The number of new arrivals is growing rapidly each month, as GoTen Dropshipping Platform keeps expanding its portfolio which boasts the original 20,000+ profitable SKUs since the roll-out of GoTen global site.

Professional Product Research Team & Advanced Big Data Processing

GoTen’s collection of dropshipping products is indispensable with strong technical support, its large base of dropshipping business users, in-depth market surveys, advantageous supply chain resources. GoTen has a large team of product experts who work out the best trending products at the best price ranges regularly to schedule the stockpiling scientifically.

Firstly, they carry out market surveys, investigating dropshippers and consumers about numerous dropshipping niches. Then, they take advantage of most product research tools available on the market, such as Jungle Scout, AMZ Scout, Terapeak, etc. to find out the best-selling products on Amazon, eBay, Wish, and other e-commerce platforms and make analyses.

Secondly, in combination with search volumes on mainstream search engines, the professionals utilize the latest results on Google Trends to predict the demands.

The big data-based product research contributes to the considerable sales growth and even sold-outs as the dropshipping products fly off the shelves on the dropshipping platform. Moreover, unsaleability or product insufficiency is seldom a case, which reflects GoTen’s marvelous product strategy and effective inventory management.

About GoTen is a professional dropshipping wholesale supplier under ZongTeng Group since 2007. It benefits from all ZongTeng’s supply chain resources, including GoodCang, YunExpress, and WorldTech.

Since the launch of GoTen global site, GoTen Dropshipping Platform attracts thousands of visitors worldwide every day, registering considerable surges in sales with 20,000+ profitable SKUs. Additionally, based on big data-based research, its free product recommendations aim to make dropshipping easier on Amazon, eBay, Wish, Walmart, and other online marketplaces.

No membership fees, no credit card needed, only minutes to get started. GoTen makes it easier for everyone to launch and boost their online business.


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